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VIDEO> BMW M3: Come Ride With Me!

BMW M3 Film from 3seriesblogcom on Vimeo.

I came across this inspiring video from 3seriesblogcom, featuring the new E90 BMW M3 Coupe and thought I’d share. The new M3 is the first to get a 4.0 liter V8 engine, which kicks out an amazing 414 horses and 295 ft-lbs of torque, taking you from 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds. Oh, and daaammmn if you won’t look good doing it.

There’s a lot more I could say about this car, but let’s be honest – I’d drive that girl anywhere she wanted. Except my home…..where my lady would be…… waiting to kick the ever-loving @#$! out of me. Well, as long as I got to drive the M3, it’d be worth the beating…I guess. (Actually, knowing my gal, she’d probably forgive me if I just handed over the keys, hot girl or no hot girl.)

So check out the sick ride this video takes you on and dream of the day that you get to pick-up your luscious lady from the airport and take her for a ride… in… your… M3… *cough*cough*


:: Travis Hodges

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  1. nismokid_5

    WOW HOW DID THEY RECORD THAT VIDEO???? THAT WAS AWESOME!!! You guys should let the team at EA/Speedhunters see this. If they put this kinda video sequence in their next Need for Speed game, it would be epic!!!!! And give the girl a supporting role, too >wink-wink<

  2. I’m not positive, but I think a lot of those shots are static shots of the car with the moving background edited in somehow…maybe not but it looks that way at times…that’s the only explanation I have! Definitely a neat vid!

  3. MellowS13

    nice video!
    Places I recognized:
    the Vincent Thomas Bridge
    the Henry Ford Bridge
    California State Route 103
    and part of California State Route 47

  4. Killzone

    This reminds me of that Mitsubishi commercial awhile back (I think it was Mitsu) – where the girl was in the passenger seat “popping and locking” or some ish. That ish used to make me wanna hurl. The minute they showed the chick walking up to the car I was like “Awww no. Not BMW, too?!” I’m all like “gimme the wallet and get the eff out!” LOL!

  5. Jonathan McWhorter

    @ chubby chaser: pretty sure the cash was for…the time

    how some guys pay for a certain woman’s time, evidently this guy was pimping out his m3 and she was paying for the revgasm, that’s what i got from it

  6. From what I know, this spot was a spec. spot done by the guys at Bandito Brothers. Who also did the Sam Hubinette BFGoodrich Hanger Drift commercials. The original came out under the name “living in the lights” – I dig the use of long exposure stills in a sequence. It’s almost a year old and really well done – the Banditos are top notch and I like their style. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADNb0F0YjNI

  7. Gregbo

    Sweet video, but did anyone else notice that all the sound clips except for one were ALL from an E60 M5? I only heard the Actual E90 M3’s V8 once @ 55 seconds into the movie.

    Still sick tho. Just an observation tho. =]

  8. I came across this inspiring video from 3seriesblogcom , featuring the new E90 BMW M3 Coupe and thought I’d share.

    is E92 , not E90 (^_^)

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