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Five Axis xB - SEMA 2009

Every year there are a few SEMA builds that stand out. This Five Axis-built Scion xB is certainly worthy of falling into that category. The super-wide flares and 5 spoke Impul Hoshino-esque wheels seem altogether remnant of the N2-flared AE86 racers we all know and love. The fender mirrors are another subtle touch that only adds to the feel of that very nostalgic throwback. The rear doors/windows have been sealed up and shaved smooth to give this otherwise 5-door compact a much meaner coupe-like attitude.

For more pictures of this car, check out Garage Life over at Fatlace.

:: Andy Sapp

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  1. stephan

    does not remind me of an n2 car at all!!…the fender flares look nothing like n2 fender flares and hoshinos belong on nissans, plus this car is like a school boy bitch gone soft compared to an n2 car but this car still looks cool

  2. I dunno guys, I would have to say it’s the best looking “newer” xB I’ve seen though. I can’t think of a current model xB that looks better in my opinion…

    If you guys have seen a better one, please share links!

  3. PS: It also completely blows my mind that Troy Sumitomo from 5Axis can just design and MAKE wheels in any size and offset he wants to! AMAZINGGGGGGGG. I love wheels so much, having tooling like that would just be insane. I’d be making wheels all day long!

  4. Kid Karola

    I guess it’s deceptive but the G5 style wheels are 18’s (width?)
    Tyres apparently Fr: 225/50R18 & Rr: 275/25R18 Yokohama Advans.

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