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WEBMINING> Was INXS the first group of JDM Insiders?

Don’t try to front and say you’re old-school JDM just because you saw an Option magazine way back in 1998. Just as the title says, kids: Australian band INXS was down with Japanese car culture before you were even born. Released in 1984, the video for INXS’ Original Sin brought JDM staples like dekotora and bosozoku to Western TV screens long before anyone outside of Japan knew what either of those things were. Watching this video reminds us that we need to hit up a dekotora show the next time we’re in Japan…

Only low-res rips of the video exist online, but you can catch the video on VH1 Classic from time to time. In the meantime, here’s a low-res version for you to enjoy.

:: Justin Kaehler

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