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WEBMINING> KP61 Starlet Grand Cup

Let’s kick off the week correctly, with this video of the Toyota Starlet Grand Cup, a one-make race consisting only of KP61 Starlets!!! I absolutely LOVE Starlets, so the images and sounds in this video are definitely soul stirring and inspiring to me. Can you imagine standing trackside at a circuit, watching a sea of TRD N2 fender wide bodied Starlets come over the crest and enter a turn, all together side by side?! Bad ass!!! One day, I will own a KP61 again.

I’ve owned two of them in the past, but they ended up getting sold because they weren’t clean enough for what I wanted… I’m looking for one without rust! I’m always on the hunt for another Starlet for my collection. And videos like this remind me that I need to get back on track. The Starlet hunt continues! Long live the KP61!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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  1. rich elizaga

    It’s so dope to see a whole line of starlets! The closest I got to these things is at Popoy “PJ Bonafacio’s” shop when he had a couple show ready and another sitting in his back yard bone stock and prep’d to sell. I can totally understand the emotions these rides bring out, especially after watching this many in one place. They’re super sick!!!!

  2. AEkyuni

    you can see the rear swing a bit when they come out of the corners. 😛

    and was it the ‘toms starlet’ that was jumped like crazy on to pole position. check it upon start of the race, the thing just accelerated like crzay. and are these on their original engine configurations? like a fully worked 3k or 4k? it also sounds like it revs like crazy!!

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