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WEBMINING> Sumo Power R33 at Santa Pod

Last year on a trip to the UK, Antonio went to Santa Pod Raceway and came face to face with this pink R33 Skyline drag monster from Sumo Power.

This car is well known in the UK – the R33 stirred up quite a bit of attention from its performance numbers and overall impact! (Not to mention its pink paint job!) We came across this video from our buddy Stephane Benini from Clash Productions (who always produces great work), showing the pink powerhouse in action.

This video is an oldie but goodie!  If you live in the UK, you can check out Sumo Power’s Skyline, “Fuujin” in action at Santa Pod next weekend! According to Sumo Power owner Andy Barnes, Fuujin means “God of Wind” in Japanese… so either Andy drives it really fast, or he just passes a lot of gas. Maybe both.

Before I forget, Antonio also did a killer photo set and story on this sick Skyline sometime last year, so don’t forget to cllick through to check it out!


::Travis Hodges

Antonio’s photos and story of Fuujin, the Sumo Power Drag R33

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  1. Rich

    Awesome Vid!! This Skyline is dope. But as far as ET’s go, there’s still a long way for this thing to go to catch up to the Hondas. The 6.525 1/4 Mile ET @213.500 by Stephan Papadakis or let me be fair – the 8.411 @ 175.320 that Stephanie Eggum pulled off with the front wheels is definitely hard to beat! Well then again, Honda’s don’t drift very well do they!? 😉

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