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NEWSWORTHY> DriftMechaniks Demo at Motorsport Nationals

DriftMechaniks Demo @ Motorsport Nationals

If you’re in or around Atlanta this weekend, be sure to come out to Atlanta Motor Speedway to catch some demo action from my local team! We will be doing 3 demos on Saturday, and another 3 to wrap things up on Sunday. Atlanta natives Erin Sanford, David Jones, Daniel Willie, and myself will be out there pushing our Yokohama Advans to their limit. It is guaranteed to be a crazy show!

Many of you may be unfamiliar with Motorsport Nationals, which is more-or-less the show that has replaced the now-defunct ‘Nopi Nationals’. Nopi Motorsports has nothing to do with Motorsport Nationals, and is now overseen by an outside company hired by Atlanta Motor Speedway. We are really excited to be working with Motorsport Nationals and Yokohama ADVAN Tires to bring drifting back to Atlanta Motor Speedway!

:: Andy Sapp

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  1. I thought Batlground got jerked around by the people running MSN and they wanted nothing to do with it? Also, I thought they screwed the pooch with trophies last year and with IA on advertising?

  2. @Jeremy Brown: As far as I know… the people involved with the show last year have nothing to do with this year’s event. It is an entirely different company handling the show.

    I don’t know any details about Batlground other than I’ve been driving with Dan since 2005… and I’m always stoked to run with him! It’s going to be a riot!

  3. slideways

    does this mean Yokohama is coming back into drifting? or just for this demo? man, if they got back info FD, some cool D1 drivers may come over

  4. This weekend was a blast! Thank you sooooo much to all my awesome Drift Mechaniks and everyone that came out and supported us. I tried to get some footage from the demo, so we’ll have to see how it looks. We got rained on for most of the weekend, but everyone still had a blast and came and hung out with us. You guys are awesome! Thank you 😀

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