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This obviously isn’t a professional video or anything. I just shot this videoblog last night with my iPhone 4 (because that’s all I had in my pocket) as I was walking up to the Apex’i and Lexus and VIP Autosalon party at J Lounge in Downtown LA.

I don’t know any details about this car at all. I just figured, what the hell. I might as well shoot a super quick carspotting videoblog with my phone before walking into the party, so our readers can see the types of cars we sometimes run into randomly on the street in Southern Cali. If you guys would like to see more of these types of quick and simple videoblogs more often, let us know! Just trying out something new…

:: Antonio Alvendia

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  1. loneracer

    cool car spotting, looks dope, thanks for sharing Antionio, keep these random videos coming pleasee 😀

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  3. Mark Leo

    I really like the aesthetic of this car. Particularly the trunk spoiler, roof spoiler, front windshield garnish, and hood spoiler. I really like the eye lids/grille too. Does any recognize what brand all these aero parts are?! (I’m assuming not all wald)

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