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COVERAGE> MotorMavens Mass Appeal Experience!

When most people think of the term car culture, they immediately (and possibly unconsciously) picture particular types of cars in their minds - cars that fit their own personal spectrum of interest. That is car culture’s dirty little secret – it can be extremely balkanized, or broken up into little niches and peer groups.

If you’re into muscle cars, then screw those four bangers. If you're into rotary powered vehicles, then screw those pistons! If you're into road racing and time attack, then screw drifting. If you’re into Formula One, well, screw everybody. If you’ve been around car culture for any length of time, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You also probably know that not everyone feels this way. As we get a bit older and experience some of the great aspects of other car cultures, more and more of us are discovering that we’re all the same under the hood – we're all just car guys.

In the middle of 2009 when we started MotorMavens, we established the site on a basic principle – that everyone’s voice is validated by their passion for the cars and car culture because the one thing that brings the entire spectrum of car culture together is passion. We call it the “passion principle.” Wherever you find some mind blowing interpretation of the automobile and the lifestyle that revolves around it, you also find some passionate person wrenching away – usually with a ton of pride and satisfaction in his/her accomplishments but very little money to show for it. That’s exactly what the MotorMavens Crew searches for; we look for that passion in every possible niche of car culture so that we can broadcast it loud and clear to everyone when we find it.

So, what does all of this have to do with the Mass Appeal Show? It’s simple. When Ken Block and the Gymkhana Grid team approached us to produce a car show at their Ken Block Invitational, we already knew that it would need to be different than what most people might expect. We knew our car show would need to represent the driving principles of MotorMavens... the car show would have to be multi-car-cultural; reflecting the wide spectrum of car culture that we love so much. It would have to have mass appeal - get it?   Read more...

COVERAGE> JDM Allstars Wembley Stadium

For the third year in a row JDM Allstars returned once again to the city of London in what can only be described as the landmark event of the series - Wembley Stadium. For reasons I'm not quite sure about, this years round was dubbed "THE BIG SMOKE." But over the weekend it became a very fitting title. In fact as I sit here writing this I'm still coughing and finding the remains of many deceased Federal, Nexen, Kuhmo, Neuton, and whatever other tyre brand you can think of, in my ears and nose.

Wembley is THE event to go to in the JDM Allstars calendar. Drifters from all over Europe and even outside of Europe flock to Wembley to step up to the plate and show their talents in the competition. So bright and early (way too early) Saturday morning, I headed down into London to check out what was going on.

Usually I like to hang around the pits for a while to chat with drivers and friends, but with briefings to attend to and with the large amount of drivers competing, practice had to get underway pretty sharpish and I didn't want to miss out on any of the action. So I made a move out to the track and started shooting. So here are some photos from practice and qualifying!   Read more...

WEBMINING> Bosozoku Love Shakotan Boogie

For those who are fascinated with bosozoku style and other aspects of Japanese underground car culture, I thought I’d post up this video clip. I actually watched part of this movie at my friend’s house in Japan a few years back, but it was only recently (on the Bosozoku Style website) that I discovered that someone had actually uploaded the video to Youtube.

This video doesn’t feature outstanding driving or anything… and ALL the cars inside aren’t necessarily cool, although you will find a few pretty nice gems mixed in with the street rubble. What kinds of bosozoku cars can you point out? I saw some pretty interesting non traditional cars, like the AW11 MR2 at the beginning of the movie, as well as the normal bosozoku fare, like Toyota Crowns and Nissan Skylines.

Just think  – this movie was released way back in 1987! Sheesh, I was just a kid listening to Eric B & Rakim and LL Cool J back then… I wasn’t even into cars yet!

Fun video to watch! Just don’t get too offended by what happens to the hakosuka at the end…

:: Antonio Alvendia

GALLERY> More Scenes from JCCS 2009

Cressidas and Levins and Sprinters and Skylines, oh my! I was just clearing out some images on my Mac and transferring them to one of my terabyte drives when I stumbled upon these images I shot at the Japanese Classic Car Show last month. Before I transfer them to the HD archive and forget all about them for another year or so, I thought I'd just share some more pics of these awesome Japanese nostalgic cars!   Read more...

CARSPOTTING> Mighty Crown from Japan

Bosozoku Toyota Crown hippari tire Takeyari pipe exhaust boso Mighty Crown Irik Farnacio

While you were sleeping… I was out doing a late night photo shoot with a particular mighty Crown from Japan. No, I’m not talking about Mighty Crown, the reggae soundclash champions from Japan; I’m talking about this incredible looking MS60 Toyota Crown Super Saloon.

This awesome right hand drive MS60 Crown is owned by an old school Toyota enthusiast named Irik Farnacio. Even though he just started working on building it up bosozoku style, I think it looks awesome already. He already has wide wheels with hippari tires (stretched tires) on it, not to mention a takeyari (exhaust pipes) set up that will get the local fuzz to pull him over in no time flat.

This photo is just an excerpt from a recent photo shoot I did for Max Power Magazine in the UK. This is an extremely busy week and weekend (FD weekend) for the Motor Mavens crew, so I’ll just post this preview on the site for now… but please check back real soon for more photos and our story about Irik and his friends!

::Antonio Alvendia

PS: In case you other photographers were wondering… this was hand held using a 5D Mark II.

WEBMINING> 1982 Super Silhouette Silvia Turbo

I absolutely LOVE these old Super Silhouette cars! Cars like this look so crazy because of their robotic looking bodywork – it looks like something straight out of a Japanese anime movie. This particular one is a 1982 Nissan Silvia Turbo, which is the same as the S12 200SX in the United States.

Nissan and Mooncraft Japan worked together to create this monster, and somehow, they were able to get over 500hp out of this 4-valve DOHC 4 cylinder turbo motor! Just think… having a 500+ horsepower SR20DET engine is definitely doable with today’s aftermarket engine and electronics technology… but these guys made this car in the early 1980s, when the A-team van and Knight Rider were new shows on television! It never ceases to AMAZE me what these old school Japanese racing engineers accomplished back then.

Also notice that super old school red Recaro racing bucket in the car! DOPE!!! Also notice, this particular Silvia Turbo is sitting on some super wide Impul Hoshino G5 wheels. AE86 guys, please take note – it’s further proof of what I’ve been telling everyone on Club4AG for like 10 years now… Hoshino wheels belong on NISSANS, not Toyotas. Kazuyoshi Hoshino (and his Impul Hoshino wheels) have a history of racing Nissans, so when you put Hoshino wheels on your AE86, it’s like putting Mugen stuff on your Nissan. Or putting TRD stuff on your Civic. Or putting Nismo stuff on your Subaru. Get it?

So if you like the look of the Impul Hoshino G5 wheels that much (ya gotta admit, they DO look pretty damn awesome), then try to find a set of Work Equip 02 wheels, or try to find an R30 or R31 Skyline or S12 Silvia to mount those Hoshino wheels on, if you’re interested in keepin it real. If you don’t care, that’s ok too. Just saying.

Either way, these 1980s Japanese race cars are so incredible. Their incredible and unique style even influenced people to recreate these crazy body modifications on their own street cars – the bosozoku (yanki) cars.

I love Super Silhouette!

Click here for more incredible Super Silhouette video links

:Antonio Alvendia

WEBMINING> Elements of Bosozoku Style

Following up on the recent stuff we’ve posted on bosozoku  and yanki styled cars, we found this cool old school Option video clip on Youtube that has Daijiro Inada cruising on the street with some bosozoku car owners and taking a closer look at the details of their cars. For those who are interested in making a sharknose car or even just adding a but more flair to your ride (15 pieces of flair is the minimum), this video is a great place to start!

:: Motor Mavens

WEBMINING> Japanese Super Silhouette Racing

Ever wonder how Japanese Bosozoku and Yanki car owners came up with the ideas of how to make their cars look so crazy? Well, according to stories I’ve been told, a lot of these guys began making their street cars resemble the professional Super Silhouette racing cars, and then making them look a whole lot crazier and a whole lot more gangster basically.

Me personally, I love Super Silhouette cars. I wasn’t really aware of these cars in the 80s when they were new, as I was too busy watching cartoons like Robotech (Macross) and playing with Transformers. However, whenever I began going to toy stores that had Japanese car models, I noticed that many Japanese plastic model companies like Fujimi and Tamiya had silhouette racers within their product lines! So awesome. Just another reminder of why I love Japanese car culture so damn much.

So let’s watch the video and enjoy the Super Silhouette racers as they run Tsukuba Circuit and my favorite, Fuji Speedway!!!

:: Antonio Alvendia

WEBMINING> Bosozoku Donuts

Shark noses, crazy multi-pipe exhausts, fender mirrors, crazy paint jobs, loud exhaust tones, small/wide wheels with stretched tires, custom rear wings and sideskirts… and a whole lot of fun! This is what attracts us to these Bosozoku/Yanki style cars!

When I first saw these cars, I didn’t really like them because the crazy paint and body and exhausts weren’t my style at the time… but I’ve honestly grown to love these types of cars a lot! After all, this is authentic Japanese car culture at its finest…

I’m not sure where this video was shot, but it looks a lot like Ebisu West course. For more info and photos of these types of cars, make sure to check out Banpei‘s website, BosozokuStyle! I hope you have a few hours to kill, because I couldn’t stop going through all the pages on his blog! AWESOME.

:: Antonio Alvendia


WEBMINING> Was INXS the first group of JDM Insiders?

Don’t try to front and say you’re old-school JDM just because you saw an Option magazine way back in 1998. Just as the title says, kids: Australian band INXS was down with Japanese car culture before you were even born. Released in 1984, the video for INXS’ Original Sin brought JDM staples like dekotora and bosozoku to Western TV screens long before anyone outside of Japan knew what either of those things were. Watching this video reminds us that we need to hit up a dekotora show the next time we’re in Japan…

Only low-res rips of the video exist online, but you can catch the video on VH1 Classic from time to time. In the meantime, here’s a low-res version for you to enjoy.

:: Justin Kaehler