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WEBMINING> 1982 Super Silhouette Silvia Turbo

I absolutely LOVE these old Super Silhouette cars! Cars like this look so crazy because of their robotic looking bodywork – it looks like something straight out of a Japanese anime movie. This particular one is a 1982 Nissan Silvia Turbo, which is the same as the S12 200SX in the United States.

Nissan and Mooncraft Japan worked together to create this monster, and somehow, they were able to get over 500hp out of this 4-valve DOHC 4 cylinder turbo motor! Just think… having a 500+ horsepower SR20DET engine is definitely doable with today’s aftermarket engine and electronics technology… but these guys made this car in the early 1980s, when the A-team van and Knight Rider were new shows on television! It never ceases to AMAZE me what these old school Japanese racing engineers accomplished back then.

Also notice that super old school red Recaro racing bucket in the car! DOPE!!! Also notice, this particular Silvia Turbo is sitting on some super wide Impul Hoshino G5 wheels. AE86 guys, please take note – it’s further proof of what I’ve been telling everyone on Club4AG for like 10 years now… Hoshino wheels belong on NISSANS, not Toyotas. Kazuyoshi Hoshino (and his Impul Hoshino wheels) have a history of racing Nissans, so when you put Hoshino wheels on your AE86, it’s like putting Mugen stuff on your Nissan. Or putting TRD stuff on your Civic. Or putting Nismo stuff on your Subaru. Get it?

So if you like the look of the Impul Hoshino G5 wheels that much (ya gotta admit, they DO look pretty damn awesome), then try to find a set of Work Equip 02 wheels, or try to find an R30 or R31 Skyline or S12 Silvia to mount those Hoshino wheels on, if you’re interested in keepin it real. If you don’t care, that’s ok too. Just saying.

Either way, these 1980s Japanese race cars are so incredible. Their incredible and unique style even influenced people to recreate these crazy body modifications on their own street cars – the bosozoku (yanki) cars.

I love Super Silhouette!

Click here for more incredible Super Silhouette video links

:Antonio Alvendia

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10 Responses

  1. Nice find. You can see this one in JDM Option International Vol. 24 at Nismo festival with Daijiro. Also there are some legendary guys who drove these cars… including Kunimitsu Takahashi, the initial drift king.

  2. @Jeremy: sorry, i should clarify. no, it’s 16 valve motor. but for some reason, japanese peeps often refer to 16v engines as “4valve” when they really mean “4valves per cylinder.” for instance, the 4AG 20V is constantly referred to as a 5 valve engine in japanese magazines, etc.

    @Mike: awesome, glad you know about Kuni san. Not many people know what’s up with him, and when I began mentioning him in my magazine articles back in 2003, nobody knew what I was talking about haha. props to you!

  3. Kid Karola

    “Hoshino wheels belong on NISSANS, not Toyotas.” haha Antonio you crack me up xD
    Although I recall that the Impul G5 was designed specifically with the S12 in mind.
    but with that logic where do Watanabe’s belong or other icon wheels belong 😉

  4. Kid Karola

    Just to add I love that late 70’s and early 80’s era of racing, it was an excess of excessiveness!
    Group 5 and the “Super Silhouette” racers are the pefect example of more! More!! MORE!!!

  5. stephan

    Iv seen this car a lot before but I never really thought much about it , im really impressed by how advance this car really was for its time…I always thought group b rally cars were the most craziest cars from the mid 80’s but this car was before then

  6. Rich

    I haven’t seen something like this for ages. It kinda reminds me of the old Nismo days when Toyotas were busting those samurai kits and Honda owners dressed their cars with light shows. Awesome find Antonio!

  7. Rich

    Dangit…and I meant Shogun kits, not Samurai! Dude, you’re contents too good it’s distracting to type out comments! Keep blowin’ our minds Mavens!!

  8. Rafael

    This was actually an S110 model of the 200sx sold between 1980 and 1983. S12 models did not come until 1984 and you can see the S110 hatchback silhouette in there. Also amuses me that it even says it in the video when describing the car. ;p

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