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RANDOM DOPE> 2014 Toyota Corolla Commercial

COOL!!! Has anyone else noticed all the classic Toyotas used in the television commercial for the 2014 Toyota Corolla??? I got to see a sneak preview of this TV commercial a couple weeks ago when I was in San Diego for the 2014 Corolla’s Official Media Preview and Test Drive, and I’ve been excited to share it ever since! I’m sneaky, so I even shot a few undercover “on the downlow” videos of Toyota’s new TV commercial with my iPad Mini when they weren’t looking – just so I could show my friends! (more…)

CARSPOTTING> Crashing A Vintage Porsche Event

There really is nothing like a vintage Porsche 911. Ever since the first time I was able to actually see and hear an actual 1970s Porsche 911 race car running through Nurburgring Nordschleife on my first trip to Germany, I've been lusting after a 911 of my own. Shortly thereafter, I was given the opportunity to visit the Porsche test track in Leipzig, Germany, where I got the chance to get up close and personal with an authentic 1973 911 Carrera RS, which was wheeled out from the Porsche Museum so I could take it out on the track! I really need at least one of these in my life.

Needless to say, I was beyond excited when I attended this gathering of Porsches in Woodland Hills, CA. There were several gorgeous cars from different model years in attendance, but none of the cars truly captured my attention like these retro race-themed 911s.   Read more...

NEWSWORTHY> Hot Wheels x JNC Hakosuka

Hot Wheels Japanese Nostalgic Car Hakosuka Nissan Skyline HT 200GT X

Recently we met up with our friends over at Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine for this year’s Toyotafest (watch for the upcoming story), and they told us the epic news about the “hush-hush” project they had been working on with Hot Wheels!

Now we can finally share the great news with all our readers, and the above picture shows you the outcome. Hot Wheels is producing the legendary Hakosuka in die-cast form! Just to be clear, this isn’t a KPGC10 Skyline GT-R, it is actually a KGC10 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X. One of the coolest things about this die cast project is the JNC inkan on the doors. Congratulations, guys!!!

The detail on the car is really nice! It has exterior oil cooler hoses, headlight covers and the interior is fully caged. JNC says it’s heavier than your typical Hot Wheels car so you KNOW this car is gonna fly down the track! Any one still have their orange Hot Wheels track? (more…)

PAPERCUTS> AE86 & Rauh Welt in 0-60 Mag

As I was walking through the airport, waiting for my flight back home to Los Angeles on Sunday, I passed one of those airport newsstands, and saw this month's issue of 0-60 Magazine sitting on the magazine rack. Suddenly, I just realized that I forgot to publish a Papercuts story about this month's issue. The current issue of 0-60 is pretty cool, because it pretty much beats the content that a lot of the "major" automotive magazines of their genre have been putting out lately.

It might have been just a kewinkydink, but since we all celebrated Hachiroku Day, August 6th, this past Friday... I thought it would be cool to point out that O-60 Magazine just printed an in depth article about the AE86 this month, in their column, The Sixty.

0-60 knows that most die hard AE86 owners are pretty crazy about their cars, so they were looking for a super clean AE86 to shoot for this month's feature. They apparently heard that I had some pretty clean AE86s in my collection, and called me up to ask if they would be able to do a photo shoot with one of my cars. Actually, they were asking if I'd be willing to shoot one of my cars for the magazine... of course! Everything was all going to be good, until we spoke further, and I realized that they were actually looking for a bone stock AE86 Corolla GT-S. Ummm... oops. None of my cars are bone stock.   Read more...

GALLERY> More Scenes from JCCS 2009

Cressidas and Levins and Sprinters and Skylines, oh my! I was just clearing out some images on my Mac and transferring them to one of my terabyte drives when I stumbled upon these images I shot at the Japanese Classic Car Show last month. Before I transfer them to the HD archive and forget all about them for another year or so, I thought I'd just share some more pics of these awesome Japanese nostalgic cars!   Read more...

VIDEO> Offset is Everything at Nisei


Most Motor Mavens readers have been following Antonio’s photos and stories from Nisei Showoff, so we’ve decided to release a video of the event as well! We really wanted to highlight something that impressed us at the show – the fact that so many of these great cars are stepping up their game with aggressive offset and negative camber!

Forget the trophies – for us, the super slammed cars with the best wheels, stance, engine mods and paint jobs were the stars of the show. Nisei Showoff wasn’t about the models (although there were a few that showed up, haha); it was about the hottest street cars. Events like this are becoming more and more rare. We feel privileged that we were there to support Ken Miyoshi on his last Nisei Showoff, because of the great feeling that this show produced. Props to Ken and the Mainstream Productions crew for bringing us an awesome day of street cars and good friends in the middle of Little Tokyo.

We hop you enjoy the video, and don’t forget to leave comments!

:: Travis Hodges

More 2009 Nisei Showoff on MOTORMAVENS

CARSPOTTING> Datsun 410 Bluebird in Tokyo

Looking through one of my terabyte hard drives full of photos, I found this image I snapped of a Datsun Bluebird 410 sitting in a carport near my friend Kenta's home in Tokyo. Look at the cool vintage Datsun emblem on the grill! If I remember correctly, I snapped this photo really quickly from the back seat of a Toyota Chaser owned by Kenta's father. (Luckily for me, his dad drives pretty slowly through city streets, so I was able to point the camera at the car really quickly as we passed!)

For me, finding photos like this in my hard drive is cool because it reminds me of why I love Japan so much - there's something interesting on every corner, and you never know what you may find. This is a very typical scene in the suburban area of Tokyo that Kenta lives in, but you don't normally find super clean cars this old just sitting outside in a carport! Most likely, this old Bluebird is a car that's been in the family for decades, while the daily mode of transportation is more than likely the charinko (bicycle) that's sitting right next to it.

This type of Datsun Bluebird 410 was made between 1963 and 1967, and was available with a 1200cc or 1300cc engine, depending on how fast the owner wanted to drive their Bluebird. It's funny to think that you could stand in a Datsun dealership in 1964 or something, telling the salesman, "yeah, I don't quite think the 1200cc engine is going to do it for me. I need more power, so I'll take the additional 100cc." (Haha!) To make the Bluebird sportier and more competitive in circuit racing, Datsun decided to launch a 1600cc sports model under the name Bluebird SSS in 1965.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this car (in my opinion, anyway) is the super old school original Japanese license plate, which only has one number on it. This top number (in this case, a 5) signifies the engine size and/or purpose of the car.   Read more...

WEBMINING> Japanese Nostalgic Car Chase!

Our good friends at Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine posted this on their site yesterday – it’s a super cool 1980s car chase sequence from Japan, with a lady cop in a TE71 Corolla Levin chasing down the bad guy, who is driving an S30 Fairlady Z. Lots of great action in this video clip; we’re just sad to see the cars get smashed up!

::Motor Mavens

WEBMINING> We love 1980s Japanese Cars!

We at MotorMavens have a strong affinity for 1980s Japanese cars, and it’s easy to see why – techno-angular design, generous use of turbos, and an excess of electronic gizmos. All of these could be found on light, affordable RWD sports coupes. In a few short years front-drive cars would take over, but this video captures some of the best machines of the heyday: the Mitsubishi Starion, Toyota AE86 twins, R30 Nissan Skyline and Mazda FC RX-7, all captured in their natural environment.

:: Ben Hsu

COVERAGE> Nisei Showoff Grand Finale Part 2

It has been a very long and busy week for those of us working on the Motor Mavens project! We're an extremely small staff, but we've been keeping ourselves real busy with back to back meetings and photo shoots! We have also spent quite a bit of time this week on planning out the next stages of development for the website. We have a few new contributors coming on board, so the next few months will be very exciting!

So let's get back to our Showoff photos. Although Import Showoff was founded way back in 1994, with the first event held in March of 1995, the first actual Nisei Showoff didn't take place until 2000. As Showoff founder Ken Miyoshi explains it, "the people that organized the Nisei Week festivities in Downtown LA's Little Tokyo wanted to bring enthusiasm from younger people back into the Nisei Week Festival, so I decided to work with them by throwing the first Nisei Showoff."

"Back then, all the JA (Japanese-American) guys with dope cars used to go to OCBC (Orange County Buddhist Church) during their Hanamatsuri (Flower Festival) and cruise with their friends," Ken continues, "This was also happening in Little Tokyo; there always used to be a carnival in the original Nisei Showoff parking lot location (2nd Street and San Pedro) and a parade as well. People from the carnival used to chill out on the curb, and wait for all the fixed up cars to cruise through Little Tokyo. Back in the day, we used to see crews like Black Magic from SGV (all black cars with different types of SSRs; SSR Superfins, Supermesh, Neos, Work Emotion, Gale Racing, Bang Vecs), Shoreline Racing (old school Toyota guys from Gardena/Torrance area), NRG from Cerritos, Split Second from Carson area, Redline Racing from the San Fernando Valley, and a whole lot of others."   Read more...

PAPERCUTS> 1969 Mazda Carol in Daytona

I was hanging out at the Cipher Garage with Antonio recently and we were flipping through his massive collection of old magazines, most of which he's shot fantastic photos for. One of them was Daytona, a Japanese market magazine that mostly covers imports — in this case that means American cars. But being the nostalgic JDM nut that I am, this wicked 1969 Mazda Carol caught my eye. I had actually seen this a couple of years ago in Japan, and you can see a few photos of it in the Japanese Nostalgic Car gallery of the New Year Meeting classic car show.   Read more...

WEBMINING> Mitsubishi Stallion, err… Starion?

We saw this video after talking to the guys over at We thought it was really cool – an old school Mitsubishi Starion commercial! One thing that came to our attention though… on the commercial, when they show the “Starion” logo, they show it with a picture of a horse.

Wait a minute… let’s think for a second. Mitsubishi Colt. Mitsubishi Lancer. Hmmm, those are horse related names, aren’t they? Could it be..? Was the Mitsubishi “Starion” originally intended to be named as “Stallion” by Mitsubishi’s designers in Japan?

It does make sense – it certainly wouldn’t be the first time people in Japan have mixed up the R and the L when translating a word to English. If you own as many Japanese magazines as we do, you definitely have seen translation errors in Japanese editorial and advertisements. It happens all_the_time!

Either way, it’s a great commercial, and the Starion is a cool car, especially with the SHP package. Watch the video, and then chime in. What do you think?

Starion or Stallion?

::Motor Mavens

Mitsubishi Starion Commercial