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RANDOM DOPE> The Toyota Swagger Wagon

As far as I recall, Toyota has been running these hilarious videos with the Sienna Family since the Super Bowl. (If my memory serves correctly; but I dunno, my favorite beer, Shiner Bock may have confused me… LOL.

Basically, this is one of the best automobile advertising campaigns I have ever seen. All the other minivan ads out there consist of selling how many kids, along with their gear you can fit in them. Not Toyota though! Toyota went a whole different route!

They created the “Sienna Family” who is basically a trendy, full of themselves family, whose commercials are awesome. Their latest is the Swagger Wagon music video, which has topped them all. Not only could I not stop laughing, but the “sipping tea, keep my pinky up,” along with the little girl pop & locking it made me lose it.

I may not be a fan of minivans, but this family knows how to roll hard – well, at least the writers of the ad campaign do, haha.

:: Scottie Scheetz

COVERAGE> DGRRX: Deals Gap Rotary Rally 2010

For those of you unaware of the North Carolina/Tennessee hidden treasure called Deals Gap (also known as Tail of the Dragon), prepare yourself to be hit with some knowledge. Deals Gap has become an international sensation for car and motorcycle enthusiasts. What you won't find up there is anything. There is literally, and I mean literally, absolutely nothing in the surrounding area. That is unless you like camping/hiking/ or antiquing (where is that roll eyes smiley at? LOL!)) What you will find is miles of curvy mountain roads and plenty of rally rental car roads. Who's feeling me?

That said, the Tail of the Dragon is an 11-mile stretch of two lane road in Tennessee and is said to have 318 curves - and one very large cliff face to launch off! The speed limit is 30mph and there are Tennessee Troopers there to graciously remind you. They are quite nice when they hand you a ticket and, after nine tickets (hand delivered) that Saturday, I am very qualified to testify to their manners.   Read more...

CARSPOTTING> The Tale of a Three Rotor RX7

It was a sleepy Saturday morning in Florida with a dreadfully overcast sky. Florida gave us what it is known for at this time of year - rain, and a whole lot of it. It didn't stop until late afternoon, with dismal skies and a hazy mist hanging overhead even after the downpour stopped. Even with the weather in "doom and gloom" mode, when I saw David Hayes' black Mazda RX7, I was simply stunned. As it drove through the city streets, you could just see all the heads turning to watch it weave through traffic. If only they knew the journey this car took to get here.

The story of David's FD3S RX7 starts way back in 1994. He is the original owner of this black beauty - he took it right off the showroom floor. And since he's the only owner of this car, he actually knows everything that has gone into the car and everything it has been through. Here's a little mind blower to start us off. With the exception of the Pettit rear flares and 99 spec front end, the car's paint is as completely original as the owner.

I was no stranger to the story of David's epic tale, as I have been following it since the beginning. All the details of his journey are logged in the forum. If you decide to look it up, be prepared to invest a few days of reading - it's a long story and completely surreal. In fact, his story seems even more surreal than reading his daily updates in the 7club forum thread when you actually get the chance to hear him tell it. But, since you probably won't get that chance, I'll tell it. I promise I'll keep it short. Well, as short as I possibly can with a story like this one.   Read more...

NEWSWORTHY> F1 Season Start in Bahrain

Alright everybody, I know we don’t normally feature Formula 1 and other forms of open wheel racing on this website, but I just wanted to share this because I personally am pretty excited for the start of the 2010 F1 season! This Sunday, March 14th is the kick off race for Formula 1 on the twenty-three turn Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix.

This is going to be one incredible season! Not only because of the return of Michael Schumacher, racing for the Mercedes GP team; but with the new FIA rules, teams will add another set of alterations to their strategies. Last year was a huge change to the rules, but this year, a few more were added to the mix. To start, refueling during the race has been banned for the first time since 1993. Now teams are running more than triple the size of last year’s petrol tanks – which means drivers must monitor their tires and brake wear even more closely. What does this mean for pit stops? With just tire changes, we can expect to see solid 3-second pit stops for all the teams. Red Bull is boasting they can perform a four-tire-change in 1.9 seconds!!! (I can’t get 1 lug nut off my car that fast, LOL) Lets see if this gives them another advantage to taking the checkered flag! (more…)

VIDEO> Simply Clean & Stance in Orlando

Simply Clean from Bluemotion on Vimeo.

Back in January I covered the Simply Clean + Stance event in Orlando Florida, which was completely awesome. I am saddened to hear that the next event may not be till November of this year… sad face!! I wish these guys would do a rotating event every 4-5 months or so to help promote proper car building. Cars with sunken wheels are 8 years ago people; change with the times! Flush wheels and no drop don’t count either!

Anyway, the video is awesome and so is the sound track. Quan Vu at Bluemotion did an awesome job, and from the looks of it, it involved a Canon 5D Mark II. Rock on man – for his first car meet video, I am simply stunned. The song “More More More” is from the upcoming LP by SOY Is Realso if you think it’s dope like I do, just watch the video over and over again.

Lastly, BIG THANKS to Simply Clean’s Nickoli for giving us the first shout out at the end of the video. You know I will be at the next one!!

If you want to view pictures of the cars that did not make it on the video and my coverage check out Nickoli’s link.

:: Scottie Scheetz

COVERAGE> Simply Clean + Stance in Orlando

I made the short trek last weekend to the Winter Park section of Orlando. It was cold out by Florida standards, but was at least warmer than it had been the past two weeks. Last Sunday's event was the first of it's type (for this area) and the title stated it clearly. Simply Clean..... Proper stance, perfect wheel fitment, quality paint job.... Almost everything a car enthusiast should dream of! There were of course big horse power cars, so they filled in the missing link that we gas mileage savvy people left out. But lets think about this for a second. One one-thousand... Do you really need 500 horsepower when your car sits 1 inch off the ground and has a 95% chance of losing a bumper at every divot? Well, I know I sure as hell do! I can't think of anything better than the ability to yell louder than the passenger screaming in the seat next to you "SHUT UP! I F*CKING GOT THIS!" as you drive over your front lip, while laughing hysterically...   Read more...

WEBMINING> Wagenwerks and DubKorps AWOL Teaser

AWOL – The Teaser from wagenwerks on Vimeo.

First off, I recently realized something. Just because I may have seen a video, it doesn’t mean everyone else has. This being said, my New Year’s Resolution will be to pass on video links to every bad ass video I have seen.

So, I bring you a Wagenwerks and DubKorps video from 3 months back. This was the first time I had heard of DubKorps, so you Euro guys hold your horses!! I am incredibly familiar with the Wagenwerks videos and the guys who make them. Hey! They are from my home state of Virginia! After watching this video I suggest you check out their website (their DVD is beast by the way) then hop on their Vimeo channel and watch everything you have not yet seen.

These guys produce legit videos. Their film and editing style are top notch in my opinion. If anyone actually could muster up the ability to claim their videos suck and back it up with a proper argument, send an email my way! I have a knuckle sandwich my mom made me a few years ago that has been waiting to be gobbled up. HAHA!!!

And one more thing… Our readers will begin to learn a few things about me… I don’t just stick to one car scene, I love them all (in a manly kind of way). While I do have a passion for rotaries, I follow the Euro, Honda, and Toyota scenes just as much. I even ride a fixed gear bike, (that would be a fixie for those of you want to call it that!) Bet you might never have guessed that!

(In case you are wondering: First song: Hollywood Undead_ City , Second song: Innerpartysystem_ Don’t Stop ) Both of which are amazing bands.

:: Scottie Scheetz

WEBMINING> Trial Tuning Spirit 20B FD3S RX7

I flew out to L.A. this week to spend Christmas with my family, which gave me the opportunity to meet up with Antonio Alvendia and Edward Uche for the first time.  Of course cars were a topic covered quite a bit as the night went on and RX7 project cars were brought to light…  This of course brought on the discussion of dream builds and this video I am posting now.  I honestly can not give you a solid figure of how many times I have watched this video ever since it was posted on Youtube.  I would guess Edward couldn’t give you a guesstimate either.

What I can tell you is the car was built by Trial Tuning Spirit.  The FD3S has a 3 rotor swap, running ITBs and and a slew of custom parts all done to make it a beast of a track car.  Just listen to the beautiful music it makes – who wouldn’t want this in their garage???

I must say though.  On my wedding day, I want a car much like this waiting for me at the end of the ceremony to take us away.  Hopefully, rotors will be tied behind the car on rope to drag down the street behind us.

:: Scottie Scheetz

PS: Below is the car’s spec sheet, posted in Janglish (gotta keep it legit!) by the original poster of the video. ( (more…)

COVERAGE> FixxFest 6 Euro Meet in FL

For my first post on MotorMavens, I hope I can entertain you. My name is Scottie Scheetz and I have only recently become a Florida resident. I grew up in Northern Virginia, just a few miles south of D.C. Cars have always been in my life, as I am one who only looks to shops for alignments and welding work (for now, but I will remedy that shortly). I frequently enjoy taking my car apart just to give me something to do when I am bored. One thing I am passionate about is drifting. I have been following it since 2000-2001, and I absolutely love how it has grown. Many late nights and exam study times were spent watching drift videos on any sites I can find.

That's enough about me... Let's talk about the car scene in Florida. Before moving here, I heard lots of talk about Florida having a terrible car scene. I must say, since I relocated to this amazingly warm state, I'd have to disagree with that completely. My view point has completely changed. There is quite a large scene for car enthusiasts that are into Hondas, VWs, Toyotas, Nissans, etc. There are car events every weekend, from huge blowouts to smaller 60 car beach meets. I legitimately mean every weekend something is going on.   Read more...