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RANDOM DOPE> The Toyota Swagger Wagon

As far as I recall, Toyota has been running these hilarious videos with the Sienna Family since the Super Bowl. (If my memory serves correctly; but I dunno, my favorite beer, Shiner Bock may have confused me… LOL.

Basically, this is one of the best automobile advertising campaigns I have ever seen. All the other minivan ads out there consist of selling how many kids, along with their gear you can fit in them. Not Toyota though! Toyota went a whole different route!

They created the “Sienna Family” who is basically a trendy, full of themselves family, whose commercials are awesome. Their latest is the Swagger Wagon music video, which has topped them all. Not only could I not stop laughing, but the “sipping tea, keep my pinky up,” along with the little girl pop & locking it made me lose it.

I may not be a fan of minivans, but this family knows how to roll hard – well, at least the writers of the ad campaign do, haha.

:: Scottie Scheetz

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8 Responses

  1. LOL! Hahahahahahahahahah!!! Funniest stuff EVAR!!!

    As a Swagger Wagon owner myself, rolling hard in my 2007 Metallic Slate Green Honda Odyssey (I need a MM decal for it to go with the In N Out decal on the back window), this is so funny and true! You gotta work it when you have 4 kids, a “wagon” full of diapers, wipees, Chicken Nugget leftovers, cheeze it crums all over, this is the life. :) YOu CAN be a parent and still be cool and LOVE LIFE YO!

    Favorite lines: “In this house there’s no mother / father swearin’!”
    “Straight ownin’ bake sales with my cupcakes skillz!”
    “Mommy…I need to go potty!” Welcome to the REAL LIFE fellas. ha haha

    Thanks for posting MM!

  2. Ha haha, watched it like 3 times and watched all the other Toyota ‘mercials. That dance the dad does at the end. I do that and I call it the “C3PO” dance. Sorry, this video is just TOO “muthafatha” close to home. LOL

  3. Avon

    OK. THAT”S CRAZY! I’m straight trippin’ right now! Tough to roll hard when you’ve got a wife and three kids. Can’t get a car with less than four doors – can’t roll low. I guess I need a Swagger Wagon! LOL!

  4. Kevin Truong

    Guys that write and direct these vids must of made a hella lot of money from Toyota! Shows some brilliant thinking on all of their parts. Lov the mfuckin video!

  5. is this really “dope”? or “brilliant”? i guess if you collect kidrobot dunnys then yea you probably would think that this ADVERTISEMENT (this is a word for when people tell you how you should spend your money) is pretty cool. yea i guess that’s just the world that we live in. yea, I guess, if youre the type of person who would spend $30 on a t-shirt… you know, the kinda guy who walks around with skullcandy headphones, a diesel watch, and pimped-out nike dunks, then yea, you probably would be amused a little bit when a global appliance manufacturer (notice i said APPLIANCE, not CAR; Toyota stopped making cars sometime in the mid 90’s, i believe) subverts hip-hop culture to sell bloated shit-wagons to savvy middle class moms. pretty cool folks give yourselves a round of applause for being such hip consumers.

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