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VIDEO> Formula Drift on Long Beach Street Course

This is officially the first teaser video for Joe Ayala and my upcoming 2011 DVD. Don’t let the serious video fool you, this project is all about having fun, which is blatantly obvious in the TANDEM OF DIE logo. Shot by Joe Ayala, Will Roegge, and myself and edited by yours truly. (more…)

NEWSWORTHY> Watch The Shreeve Films DVD!

My 2010 compilation DVD is finally available at Shreeve Films! I’m so excited! This DVD contains 22 videos, all digitally remastered and stuffed onto one disc for you to watch on your bigscreen television with a bucket of popcorn! (more…)

VIDEO> The Spirit of Formula D Las Vegas

My recent trip to Las Vegas for round 5 of Formula Drift was one of minimal luxuries. Joe Ayala and I could only afford one night in a hotel and a rental car was out of the question. Day one, we got up around noon, grabbed some “breakfast” at the Blueberry Hill next to the hotel, and began our journey to the track at around two. The trek consisted of roughly 2-3 miles, on foot, in 108 degree weather. Luckily for us, we found a shopping cart to carry our backpacks, camera cases, laptop bags, and of course my skateboard. Before long, we had covered the cart in MotorMavens cards (gotta represent) and found fun stuff to do on the way, such as drifting and dirt dropping the cart on the side of Las Vegas Blvd. Joe and I had fun overall, but boy were we glad when an old woman (with a legit mustache) stopped and asked us if we needed a ride. She drove us about a quarter of a mile to the gift shop of Las Vegas Motor Speedway, complaining the whole time about how she would be late to work. Haha!

Anyone will tell you that there’s really no way to describe a trip to FD Vegas other than “hot.” I had a great time making new acquaintances, like when my buddy Josh Herron took us by Forrest Wang‘s shop to BS and look at all his rad cars. I also had fun catching up with friends, like when the amazing Drew Fishbein and Ross Fairfield from OMGDrift let Joe and I stay in their hotel room because 18andFamous Abbitt Wilkerson was too busy napping to answer his door. Haha!

Regarding the video, I apologize for taking so long to finish it. The song I chose has a small introduction that requires specific footage to go with the audio. Hobo and I had arranged beforehand to film what I needed while in Vegas. Unfortunately, the lovely security team at Las Vegas Motor Speedway was very strict about when and who could drive in or out of the gates, so we just couldn’t make it happen. That being said, I had to acquire the help of up-and-coming photographer, videographer, actor, and stunt driver Joe Ayala to finish the timeline.

Special thanks to Jason at ContourHD for hooking us up with the cameras. These things are a blast to use! Definitely one of the most fun moments of the trip was running around the grid, sticking cameras on cars. Thanks again!

Enjoy! :)

:: Justin Shreeve

ContourHD 1080p POV Cameras

PERSPECTIVE> Drifting Changed My Life

There are so many cool aspects of being a part of MotorMavens but, to me, one of the coolest is witnessing the heart and passion of the automotive industry through the eyes of the ones who live and breathe it - the true mavens. We here at MotorMavens consider ourselves to be in that number as well but we're not here to tell our own story. Our vision has always been to showcase your story - your passion. Seeing this industry through the innovative eyes of guys like Roland Gallagher, Justin Shreeve, Lucas Perez, Yuta Akaishi, Daniel Bridle, Yoshi Shindo and all of the many others who love and live what they do (including you) - that's our way of keeping our eyes glued to the real motivating force behind the stats.

That's why this story by Jonathan McWhorter was so compelling to me. It's not about the money or the fame. It's not about your company budget or your connections. It's not even how long you've been in the industry. Those are not the things that make this industry so awesome. I could tell you but Jon did such a great job - I'll leave it in his capable hands. After all, he reminded me. So, without further ado...   Read more...

VIDEO> One Of One Show at Long Beach

Fatlace OneOfOne Showcase | FD Long Beach Extra Footage

So yesterday I was sitting at my desk, cleaning up my external hard drive. I realized I’ve got TONS of extra footage of Formula Drift Long Beach and quite a bit of footage from the Fatlace OneOfOne Showcase that didn’t make it into the final edit.

My girl had the car for the day, and I wasn’t getting anything else done… so I decided to make another edit. This one has a much lighter vibe than the first, with no color grading and very little audio work; just lots of familiar faces, pretty cars, and loud engines.


:: Justin Shreeve
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RANDOM DOPE> Drift Mechaniks on Top Gear?!

Browsing Facebook this morning, I saw a status update from our own Lieze Truter, saying that our good buddies, the mighty Drift Mechaniks from Atlanta have been featured on Top Gear! I clicked the link to see what she was talking about, and apparently Top Gear featured a video that was produced by the dynamic bearded video duo of Roegge and Herron! Congratulations, guys!

When I clicked through to watch the video, it looked like a great mash up of footage from both video shooters, featuring one of the secret Drift Mechaniks drifting practice days at Nashville Super Speedway! Very cool! It even features some footy of our own art director Andy Sapp, who looks like his face is being overrun by a forest of facial hair, haha! It was pretty cool to see MotorMavens stickers on the Drift Mechaniks cars in the video! So make sure to watch all the Drift Mechaniks in this video and see how Andy gets down when he’s not designing stuff on his Mac! I just lovvvvve the way his E46 BMW looks with those ultra baller steez Racing Dynamics wheels!

Big ups to Drift Mechaniks, and big ups to Will and Josh! I’m sure you might already know this, but the dynamic bearded duo of Roegge and Herron are now traveling cross country in a van, filming videos (No, not THOSE types of videos. Although I’m sure our boy Josh is super down. He even has POV equipment.) for the newest video project they’re working on!

So enjoy the re-run of this video on our site, and in the immortal words of Andy Sapp, “Keep Drifting Fun! …Or Else.”

:: Antonio Alvendia

NEWSWORTHY> Roegge and Herron 2010 DVD

Will Roegge and Joshua Herron are combining their killer creative talents to produce a DVD about American grassroots drifting, called Keep Drifting Fun! These two filmmakers have upped the ante on automotive video content ever since their visually stunning, yet technically precise work hit the web. To hear that they are joining forces to tackle this project is definitely exciting.

This news is of particular interest to me, because the last time this sort of project was attempted was in late 2006, for a project near and dear to my heart, called Slide America. Needless to say, I am pretty pumped to see something like this come together again, and I could not think of a better duo to pull it off.

It is my pleasure to give you a sneak-peek.

Drift Mechanik’s Keep Drifting Fun from Joshua Herron on Vimeo.

VIDEO> Joshua Herron's FD Year In Review

Formula Drift 2009 from Joshua Herron on Vimeo.

While 2009 may have come and gone, Joshua Herron dug through hours upon hours of footage to give us one last glimpse at what the ’09 Formula Drift season held in store for us. This video is amazing on so many different levels. The cinematography is top-notch, it is jam-packed with unreleased footage, transitions through three songs – each with a unique vibe, and it does it all seamlessly. The last segment definitely feels like a throwback to the old skate videos I grew up with.

Amazing work on this video, Mr. Herron! I’m going to go watch it again (and again, and again)!!!

:: Andy Sapp

VIDEO> All the Lovely People

I have driven at a lot of drift events, and after several years there is an aspect of them that becomes standard procedure. Anyone who has driven events is familiar with it. You wrench on the car late the night before, you wake up early with no sleep, you drift, you change some tires, you drift some more… you get the idea.

But the one side of drift events that never seems routine to me is the time spent with my friends. I always seem to remember who was at what event, and what funny stories and crazy antics went on in the pits. As the years pass by, I sometimes barely remember how fast I entered a corner, how well I ran the course, or even how close a tandem battle was. It is the time with my friends that leaves the lasting impression.

This collaboration between myself and Will Roegge is an attempt on my part to try and explore that side of drifting. The human element behind a sport where cars may come and go – but the camaraderie remains.

:: Andy Sapp

VIDEO> Roegge Devil

Will Roegge just posted up a short edit he made from his visit to Chicago with our friends Risky Devil. I know street drifting is supposed to be bad (mmmkay)… but there is something about slammed out drift cars doing their thing against a raw urban cityscape that just warms my heart.

Take a look.

:: Andy Sapp

VIDEO> Millen's Hyundai HillClimb

Just got a text message from Will Roegge about his new video, which is undoubtedly being posted RIGHT NOW to every blog site on the planet, and being posted to everyone’s Facebook and Twitter feeds…

Great job Will and Josh. And CONGRATULATIONS for taking the new record, RHYS!!!

:: Antonio Alvendia

VIDEO> Battle of the Beards, Vegas Edition

Okay, you’ve seen Josh’s video already; now Will Roegge adds yet another classic to his collection with this Formula Drift Las Vegas video. This video really delivers a smooth feel which is very different from his friend Joshua Herron’s Las Vegas video. It’s cool to see how two people can capture the same event and come up with two different renditions of it! Keep up the good work guys!

P.s If you pay attention you can see me in the video! Lol

:: Dax Rodriguez

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WEBMINING> Will at Wall

Formula D New Jersey 2009 from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

If you’ve been paying attention to Motor Mavens at all, you’ll know that everyone that contributes to this site is a fan of our homie Will Roegge‘s videos. And anyone who knows me personally will know that I’m extremely picky and critical of photographs and videos (especially my own). This being said, I don’t often pay compliments photo or video projects unless I really, really mean it. Damn right, I’m picky with photos. This is the part of my personality that makes me always strive to work hard and keep improving my own photos and technique.

As technology improves and HD cameras get cheaper and cheaper, it seems like everyone out there thinks they’re a “photographer” or “videographer.” Being a really good photographer or videographer requires a lot of talent – I believe it’s extremely important for still and video shooters to have a certain sense of artistic VISION – having a good photographic eye is definitely important. However, even more important perhaps than artistic vision, is a strong work ethic.

I’m mentioning “strong work ethic” because I think it’s just not good enough to have the latest Canon digital SLR or Panasonic/Sony/Red/Canon HD video camera (insert any brand here). A 5D Mark II doesn’t produce good photos; a good photographer with a good eye and a good amount of experience does. After all, we’ve all seen plenty of garbage photos shot by people using Canon 1D and 5D series cameras, and there are plenty of horrible car videos out on DVD or on the internet! And Heaven knows, the last thing in the world we need is another crappy-looking drifting video. It’s not flattering to drifting as a culture or as a sport!

So props to our boy Will for having an awesome eye and the type of strong work ethic that has him constantly putting out drifting videos that DON’T suck – the types of videos that constantly give you different viewpoints and different perspectives that the other videographers with more expensive equipment failed to notice.

Big props and THANKS go to Will for the best video footage from Wall Speedway I’ve seen to date. (And we can’t wait to see the sick footy that’s currently being edited by another one of our favorite shooters from Sin City!) I challenge all other photographers and videographers to beat THIS!

Enjoy the video, and turn your speakers up!

:: Antonio Alvendia

COVERAGE> In the Pits at Turner Field

More Southeast Drift action unfolded this past weekend at Turner Field in the heart of Atlanta. Perfect weather and a new track setup made for a top-notch event. Apparently the condos within earshot of the field are trying to get us shut down for good, and a fire marshall showed up and informed us that no photographers were allowed on-track. In lieu of this hurdle, we decided to take some shots in and around the pit area.   Read more...

WEBMINING> Formula D Atlanta video by Will Roegge

Formula Drift Atlanta video by Will Roegge

We’ve been browsing through Vimeo for cool videos pertaining to cars and car culture, and we’ve gotta say, this video from Formula Drift in Atlanta, GA is top notch. It’s been shot and edited by a videographer named Will Roegge, who has some really great videos in his Vimeo profile.

Check it out! It’s the best video from Formula D Atlanta we’ve seen – by far, it beats the clips of the “official video” from Formula Drift that we’ve seen circulating on the internet. Hmm, Road Atlanta is such an awesome looking track. Seeing videos like this makes us wonder who’s the top dog when it comes to drifting videographers… who would be the best at shooting a drifting video? Video Option? Clash Production? Wrecked Magazine/Slide America? Speedhunters? JDM Insider? Makes us wonder which video teams could produce the best videos, based on the different angles/viewpoints they capture, the lighting and coloring, composition, and all that… food for thought?

:: MotorMavens