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Motor Mavens video featured on Autoblog

I was just at the LA Auto Show earlier today, when an older gentleman walked up to me and said, “Hey… are you the guy from that Lexus LFA video online?” Totally puzzled, I replied, “Uhh… yeah..?” Then I began receiving some text messages from people saying, “Hey man… your MotorMavens LFA video is on Autoblog right now!” Oh yeah? Coooool.

As I was walking through the Lexus booth, I got a few “evil eyes” from certain corporate folks too… and as much as I tried to play it off with a “Who, me? What did I do?” look on my face, I think maybe they might have seen the video too. I guess a lot of normal car people spend a whole lot of time on Autoblog.

I’m glad that someone tipped them off about our video though, even though they don’t believe it’s legit! I don’t care, at least people are talking about our video, even if they (some of the readers, and even Autoblog’s own contributing writer Dan Roth) are criticizing the video for looking fake, and even criticizing me personally for looking like a Lexus fanboy or having, as Dan Roth puts it, “meaty, indiscriminate paws.” Hahaha, it’s cool, I don’t care… unlike many other automotive writers, I don’t feel the need to take myself so seriously.

And so what if I do sound like an unprofessional, Lexus fanboy in the video. That’s just how the Lexus LFA makes me feel; it makes me feel awe and inspiration like I was a little kid again. (Well, let’s be honest. I dunno if I was ever a little kid.) And if I was still a kid, I’d be tearing the poster of the Lamborghini Countach off my wall and replacing it with the limited edition screenprint of the Lexus LFA that I got at SEMA. Yes, I like the LFA that much.

On the Autoblog post/comments, I was criticized for sounding totally unprofessional and being way too excited like a fanboy, sure… but I don’t feel like I need to use Business English when I’m creating content for our site; so excuuuse me for being enthusiastic, because quite simply… the Lexus LFA genuinely excites the sh!t out of me.

If other automotive writers are afraid to show their real emotions or lack that type of enthusiasm when dealing with incredible cars like the LFA, then that sucks for them… they should get out of the game. After all, isn’t genuine enthusiasm for cars what makes us all tick?

So call me a fat ass fanboy if you will… but this fat ass fanboy got to drive the LFA before most of the USA did, even though it was just in a circle, inside a warehouse. Good enough for me, for now.

Either way, now a whole lot more people have heard of the MotorMavens website. Win.

:: Lexus Fanboy Antonio (LFA) Alvendia

MotorMavens LFA video on Autoblog

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53 Responses

  1. Wow I didn’t realize you would attract so many haters with that video! Working for an automotive website myself, I was incredibly jealous that you got that access! Unlike the haters, I enjoyed the fact that you showed your true enthusiasm when getting to sit in that car! There is a small percentage of us that get to do what we love and surround ourselves with some of the sickest cars on the planet, so why hide it? There isn’t a single time I don’t dance around like a little kid when we get a sick press car and I get to take it home or to the race track for a few days…Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ Motor Mavens!

  2. DB Pro

    i agree with evox. most of the stories on autoblog are boring, and motor trend is even worse. it’s like these sites just recycle content that they find on other sites cause they don’t care to take the time to shoot and write their own stuff. motor mrend MAGAZINE is good i guess, but it’s still kind of boring compared to stuff like automobile and road&track.

    theguy calling you a ‘fanboy’ obviously doesn’t know anything about you or the type of photos and stories you publish. and who is he anyway? i’ve never heard of him. what a jackass. if u ever meet him, yuou should put your meaty indiscriminate paw through his face. lol

    keep doing what youre doing, motormavens. glad someone out there is keeping it real with us. fgreat site.

  3. phil o.

    hahaha this is hilarious, autoblog’s getting their panties in a bunch because they weren’t the ones to see it first. Good work Antonio. Word.

  4. Yooooo! THANKS for the support fellas! But hey, I’m not mad at Autoblog at all. In fact, I’m GLAD and thankful that they put the story up. Damon from Autoblog is a friend of mine, and a cool guy, so we LIKE Autoblog!

    I don’t know Dan Roth, but I’m sure he was just assigned the story by someone else, and attempted to add some personality to his story or something.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter… I’m glad that the end result is that more people are talking about Motor Mavens now! And whether you dig their site or not, Autoblog is owned by Gawker/AOL, so they have deep pockets and big traffic, and now a few more people that read car blogs know the MotorMavens name. Outstanding. =)

    But for real… THANKS for having my back! I didn’t expect that – you guys are the best!

  5. Antonio, if I was in the exact position as you with that exact situation, I wouldn’t be able to contain myself the way you did. I mean, you did show genuine enthusiasm, but you still held back!! And that’s professionalism. :)

    But, if it was me? There would be foaming of the mouth, gnashing of teeth, drool on $250k worth leather, and just plain insanity. I’m seriously envious that you were able to get in that situation.

    Great exposure, though. :)

  6. Word, thanks Linhbergh!

    The hardest thing for me was holding back all the profanities, haha. Like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFCK this car is so sick! And between you, me, and the internet… I’m sure I did drool on the leather somewhere. haha

    Stay up! We need to do that burger battle before 2009 is over! Hopefully Mr Herron can make it.

  7. chippeRX7

    I am glad you showed some enthusiasm!
    This was an awesome video and I was giddy watching it!!!
    Keep it up Antonio!

  8. They’re mad because you “cheated” and beat them to the punch. But I don’t see why this is getting so much hate towards you? This is not the first time we’ve seen the LFA, it’s not the first time it’s been in public either. You acted the way ANY OF US would have if alone with that car and actually gave some first hand looks at the car….and not just a Road & Track article with factoids writen for men going through a mid-life crisis.

    If you’re liked by everyone, you’re not doing something right. Keep up the good work!

  9. Antonio, you are the luckiest man alive. F the haters. I wouldn’t care if people called me a fat flaming homo in a dress. That’s the F’n LFA in the premium color. Props on staying calm, I would’ve been drop’n F bombs left and right.

  10. Horacio Z Flores

    HA HAAA! I couldn’t agree more with the whole enthusiasm part, but I’ll try! DEfinitely, I get like that whenever I’m around any cool badass car. Doesn’t matter if it’s low budget or super car expensive.

    Oh and the whole looking TOO good to be a fake, ??? We are in 2009 going on 2010, those fellas need to realize MODERN pocket cams aren’t their papy’s VHS camcorders.

  11. Edward Uche

    You kept it Antonio on them and delivered. Extremely funny that autoblog is hating on you. I can picture their envious faces while watching the you tube clip. MotorMavens delivers the goods, autoblog hates :)

  12. Autoblog post = huge WIN for Motor Mavens. I think auto enthusiasm is what’s missing from Big Auto Manufacturers and paper rags that have much red tape. But, Motor Trend types are what the world is mostly made of, which is Average Joes who want good mpg, safety and durability, not speed, feeling, style, lowness. :) Hopefully some auto enthusiasts that were hiding in caves who somehow didn’t know about Motor Mavens now know about the site and they’ll come back everyday, multiple times a day to see what the Mavens crew has posted like I do ha ha. :) Nice work buddy!

  13. I think anybody in your position at that point would have acted all geeked-out and super excited to get the call. I know I would and if they don’t then they obviously don’t understand. I think that video was genuine and that is what Motor Mavens is all about. Keep up the great work Antonio.

  14. Dude, this shit made me proud to be a part of MM. And I’d be hyped to be in the burger battle too! I once ate 16 tacos in an hour!

    Either way, I’m stoked some lame ass old men could talk shit about this. At least it got MotorMavens some more exposure!

  15. just sounds like a lot of automotive journalists have their pussy in a pinch because they’re kissing ass beyond their means to get a hot scoop to sell their shitty magazines and keep readers reading and here you are posting free content on the web for all to see before anyone else. You totally robbed them for the scoop and they’re pussy hurt about it. Let them say what they want about your weight or your professionalism. It’s obviously lacking on their end as well.

  16. Rob EKS

    Dude.. just watched your video. I loved it. Fuck the stuffy old school journos. Actual GENUINE enthusiasm for your product.. thats who i want to hear from.

  17. jdmsteve

    Wow, cant believe they let you drive the thing! Lexus wouldnt even let me breathe on it! Mucho props Antonio, publicity is publicity.

  18. Hey there,
    I am checking out motormavens and speedhunters daily, as this is closer to cars and the lifestyle than some boring list of facts.
    Its for the love of the game, the emotional side of why we are fascinated by cars.
    Oh, and I dont know what autoblog is..
    After reading this story, I am not interested in finding out.

    Cheers from Germany

  19. Man, that video is awesome Antonio. You are absolutely correct in that it is the little fan boy in ALL of us that keeps us ticking. And the fact that you were on Autoblog, shhhiet, you win. haha

  20. Phaze2 Henry

    Great write up Antonio. Fuck what they had to say. IF they were in the same situation as you, trust me, they would of done the same!


  21. .: Jover :.

    As I sit in the airport waiting for my flight to LA, I look foward to meet up with you andgive you props, Antonio and be a fanboy of the fanboy in real life… Authentic, tangible journalism with SOUL is what Antonio and MM is all about. If I were you Antonio I’d specialize in cracking the story way before these haters all the time and reap some ad revenue from the YouTube videos. Will discuss moar. Peace!

  22. Ryan

    What’s up LFA! LOL. We’re all some kind of car fanboy at heart. That’s why we write/photograph/video the cars we love. Hell, we even post our feelings about it on the internet. Every person who is on some kind of forum, blog or discussion is a car fanboy period. Doesn’t matter what brand it is, we’re all car enthusiasts.

  23. Jaime

    Suckas, they just think that every blog/web about cars should be well written/talked and sound as proffesional as if the chief of the company was talking! They just don´t realize that the people that set up MM are true car enthusiasts, that love (for sure more than them) cars and everything around them, that´s why Antonio got so excited when he saw the car, it was like his childhood dream!
    Summaraising: Don´t give a fuck, you know how things are done, if they don´t like it, get the fuck out of here and keep writing on your super-proffesional website.

  24. ah funny stuff man. my good friend jonny writes for them. and he got a whole heckle of crap for wearing flip flops in his GTR review. i couldnt help but laugh at these guys who were giving him such a hard time about this. people seriously need to lay off and stop taking the internet so seriously. lol.

  25. This brings to mind Katt Williams “Haters” stand up routine

    Keep doing you Antonio

    Jokes on Autoblog though, they just drove up your traffic free of charge

  26. Shuriken

    Antonio – Looks like you got the smarmy readers over at autoblog all worked up. Bro, is Lexus really paying you to post up viral videos of a 350K car for dudes who can barely afford Nissans?

  27. haha. like logan said, watch the www hits jump through the roof!

    now maybe i’ll buy an ad from you…lol

    so we hitting up ProMo tomorrow AM? hit me up, i gotta stop by regardless, just for a bit.

  28. @Shuriken: I’m gonna check Autoblog again right now.


    NO, Lexus is absolutely NOT paying me or anyone affiliated with MotorMavens to post up viral videos of their $375K LFA.

    Why would they NEED to do anything viral to promote the LFA? It’s bad ass and everyone already knows about it. It’s on every major car website out there, a whole lot of Facebook pages, and in a whole lot of magazines, with much, much more to come.

    Neither I or MotorMavens are affiliated with Lexus, Toyota, or Scion in any way (Although I wish I was, to be honest! I own a whole lot more Toyota/TRD parts, magazine articles, photos, steering wheels, shift knobs, and other historic Toyota memorabilia than most Toyota employees own… and that includes their own museum in Torrance. I have an entire warehouse full of that stuff that I pay for every single month. I didn’t really see anything AE86, TE27 or KP61 related in the Toyota Museum unfortunately)….. for more info on my cars and collection, check out http://www.myspace.com/ciphergarage Sorry I don’t have a legit website that has info/pics of my stuff. It’s just my private collection that I’ve spent my entire life building, and I’m pretty private/secretive about it to be honest.


    Everything I said and/or did in the video was just my expression of genuine INTEREST, PASSION and ENTHUSIASM for the Lexus LFA. I think it’s awesome that Lexus could show the world what they’re capable of… the LFA is so damn awe inspiring.

    It’s crazy that some of the Autoblog commenters (or even our own commenters) think that we’ve been paid off by Lexus somehow. Do they actually think that if I (and our crew) was/were given the opportunity to do anything for them, that we’d show up with a Canon S90 point and shoot camera and make an internet video with it? HELL NO!

    Apparently those Autoblog commenters don’t know how we roll. I’m all about using top notch Canon digital SLRs and 2.8 or better lenses. The Canon S90 that I used to shoot the infamous LFA video is just my pocket camera that I bought to shoot pics at the SEMA parties and at food places I write about on Yelp. For proof, check out the MotorMavens Tumblr page.

    MAN! It’s just so crazy how rumors or whatever spread really quickly and blow up. The tipping point…

    BUT YO!!! I just wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our readers and commenters who have shown their support! And my respect/props to Lexus for making an awesome car!

  29. Shuriken

    @Antonio – for the record, my question was completely sarcastic. I think it would take a complete IDIOT to believe that Lexus would pay you to make a viral video for our scene. But a few complete IDIOTS on the autoblog site seem to think so which amazes me because those guys seem to take an inordinate amount of pride in their ability to think their way out of a paper bag.

  30. @Shuriken: Hahaha you’re absolutely correct on all points man.

    I just wanted to clarify that Lexus had no involvement in this, because reading it on the internet, I wasn’t really sure if your remark had sarcasm or not, hehe.

    Oh, and regarding your last comment… WELL SAID. I couldn’t have said it better myself. You’re obviously smarter than some of the other commenters on the other sites out there. Glad to say you’re one of our readers! =)

  31. Oh my god!

    I just had a look at autoblog and the comments.

    After being shocked about the article, that has nothing to do with journalism or anything, that just sounds like picking on one person, I had to laugh about the stupidity of some comments.
    One really made my day:

    “Agree with it being staged. How many times does he say “LFA”, just like marketing people keep trying to drill the name of their product into your head by endlessly repeating it.”
    (by user matt)

    (Sarcastic comments above this sentence:)
    Obviously you have to very careful with things you repeat.
    Its like testdriving a car. If you name it too often, you are getting paid for pushing the sales.
    If it would have been an intelligent autoblog reader, they would have named the video: “Car invested”, entered the rooms with the words: “This ist the Lexus LFA” and afterwards they would have referred to it as “the car”(but not too often, if you re using it more than 3 times, you are getting paid the manufactures to push car sales). Of course they would have removed all logos of the brands they are wearing, as they wont want anyone to think that adidas and lexus have a cooperation and are trying to infiltrate the geek car blogs.

  32. Alex

    Sorry Antonio, but you care so much about the LFA because it’s a $450.000 car, it’s flashy, limited edition, and like you said, only a handful of people drove it. That’s it.
    You are, as the Japanese people would call it “jishinkajou”….and should be a bit more “kenson”, then you’d learn to get some respect from people in the business.

  33. Alex, you don’t know anything about me, so I think it’s time you stop hypothesizing, passing judgment and talking shit.

    I honestly like the LFA alot; it’s exciting because it raises the bar for Lexus, Toyota, and other Japanese automakers… and shows the world that Lexus can compete in the high end exotic market.

    You wouldn’t want to be one of those internet shit talkers who hides behind his keyboard, but wouldn’t dare say anything like that in real life, face to face… would you? I’m glad that you followed the stuff I (we) posted when I was building content and promoting Speedhunters, but honestly because of all your comments I was surprised when I found out you were following MotorMavens too.

    I’m not saying I’m perfect. Nobody is. But I honestly don’t feel like I need to change up my style or prove anything to you just to “get more respect” from people I don’t even know. I am who I am, and if you don’t like it, you can just choose not to read what I write.

    You’re obviously a FAN of MotorMavens because you still follow the site, and you obviously care enough to post comments. Too bad they’re always filled with such hatred and fingerpointing. You need to look in the mirror and try to perfect some of YOUR character flaws before you point the finger at others and try to tell THEM what to do.

    Grow up, man.

  34. La Carrera

    Wow, you tell him, antonio!

    Alex, i dont really understand the japanese words you wrote, but i think antonio is outspoken and driven by his excitementf for cars. i dont think people should fault him for that. have you ever met him before in person? he was pretty cool when i met him at irwindale.

    you have my support, motormavens!

  35. Alex

    Antonio you’re a poor man, you could be much closer to certain people if you only would respect them a bit more. (People that count in the automotive business that is, not me). Instead, you choose to be that little cocky guy that breaks the rules and think you know your stuff.
    Like I said earlier, be a bit less “jishinkajou” and a bit more “kenson”, you’d go much further with your career.
    Let me ask you: how would you feel if I enter in your house and jump into your cars w/o permission?…by how you act, I would assume it’s cool.
    Who has to grow up?

  36. Howard

    Hey man I’ve met Antonio before and he was neither cocky or little, lol. In real life he is more humble Nd down to earth than most other auto journos out there. Pleasant surprise. Actually he seemed more genuine and cool (to me anyway) than the other guy from Speedhunters did when I met them. Keep doing what your doing man. MotormAvens is a great site. My friends and I always check it!

  37. Antonio, just keep doing what you’re doing.

    Alex, since you’re so down with using JDM words for no reason, here’s some more for you.


  38. ImprezaKing


    Whether you know it or not, Antonio DOES COUNT in the automotive business. If I’m not mistaken he was minding his business when the guys at EA Games approached him to be a consultant and help build the Speedhunters site and get them the connects to the true insiders in the youth automotive world – not vice versa.

    Oftentimes it is the people who seem inconsequential to outsiders who facilitate the big things coming together and the outsiders only see the big results. You’re obviously one of those people who is over-impressed with big names and who has no real idea how or why things happen as they do in the real world – you’re an outsider. Take heed Alex: in the real world, sucking up to “power” so that you can get a chance to be accepted only makes you a “sucka”. It’s when you decide for yourself who you are and what you stand for that you earn the right to be considered a voice worth hearing.

    I can only assume that by telling Antonio to have ‘a bit less “jishinkajou” and a bit more “kenson”’ that the correct translation for “jishinkajou” must be “balls” and “kenson” must have a direct correlation with “a$$-licking skills”. Well, Alex my friend, if having less balls and more a$$-licking skills is your way to the “top” then by all means, take it. Those who know and appreciate Antonio know that he is anything but lacking in humility – the problem is that you really don’t know what that is. Humility is not sucking up to the people who sit “higher” than you in the social order, no – that’s easy. It’s easy to suck up in hopes of a promotion. Humility is showing equal respect to all and especially to those who don’t seem to be “on your level” in the social order. A humble man makes a poor man realize that he’s a king. That’s Antonio’s MO, dude – if you’ve ever met the guy.

    Other “automotive journalists” go in like they’re doing the guys who generate the news a favor. Antonio always comes in like we’re doing him a favor – like he truly respects who we are and what we do. He’s one of the few that doesn’t act like a d!ck. If that somehow makes him “jishinkajou” then I can name quite a few “top” journalists who could use some of that – in big, steaming heaps.

    As for the LFA – no harm, no foul. It actually generated a lot of free buzz for a great looking car – that’s just so terrriibbllle.

    My impression of Alex talking down to Antonio: “Shame on you Antonio for actually liking a high-end supercar and taking a free chance to get inside of it and drive it in little five foot circles in a warehouse. Shame! You’ll never go very far coloring outside of the lines – play it safe and suck yourself up to greatness, Antonio – That’s how it’s done!”

  39. Antonio keep up the good work….everything you guys cover on here is golden. also i’m a big toyota guy(sw20 kind of guy) anyways forget the haters. And thanks for keeping it real…i think once you start taking the love out of things its no fun.

  40. As I was close finished the Lexus bravo, I got a few “iniquity eyes” from definite organized folks too& and as some as I proven to endeavor it off with a “Who, me? What did I do?” perception on my confronting, I think maybe they strength tally seen the recording too. I surmisal a lot of rule car group expend a healthy lot of indication on Autoblog.I’m cheerful that someone tipped them off nigh our recording though, change though they don’t anticipate it’s legit! I don’t guardianship, at small people are conversation some our recording, even if they (both of the readers, and yet Autoblog’s own causative writer Dan Writer) are criticizing the recording for sensing forgery remaining automotive writers, I don’t appear the requirement to accept myself so seriously.

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