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CARSPOTTING> Spyker's C8 Aileron Spyder

And now…BACK TO THE EXOTICS! And, if you needed any proof that the Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder is a bonafide, state-certified exotic – look no farther than the face of Daniel Craig on the screen in the background of the picture above. Would 007 be allowed to appear anywhere near (like within 500 yards of) a regular car? I’m sure there’s a clause somewhere making it an offense punishable by debt to expose the 007 brand to any car priced south of $150K. There. It’s official.

The Spyder is the latest offering from bespoke car-builder, Spyker Cars. It’s Spyker’s latest offering of hand-crafted quality and exclusivity – and it has a little “get up and go” too. Who doesn’t like that? Apparently, not everyone.

For those who are unfamiliar with Spyker Cars, the Dutch company was started back in 2000 but they are continuing the legacy begun by the original Spyker which started as a coach builder in 1875 and built its first motorcar in 1898 – ten years before the world-changing Ford Model T. Interestingly, 1898 was the same year that Spyker manufactured the Golden Carriage still in use by the Dutch Queen today – 111 years later. Obviously, they made things to last. Of course, the first Spyker closed their doors in 1926, after 51 years, but the new Spyker looks like they’re attempting to pick up where their ancestors left off.

Looking at this picture, the Spyker is whispering Jaguar in the same way that the werewolves from the movie Underworld are whispering dog – faintly but with attitude and multiplied times 100. It’s like a mid-engined, Were-Jag with a dangerously deceptive smile.

And then there’s the interior. Obviously the designers at Spyker refuse to cower behind your traditional blacks or tans – no, they decided to go with an unambiguous, totally polarizing orange. No middle ground – you either love it or hate it. What do you think?

Once you focus beyond the color, it’s clear that there has been an extravagant amount of attention paid to bling. The interior is full-leather and the dashboard and accents are turned/brushed aluminum with an almost “diamond plated” effect. Again, they leave no place for a middle ground. I can only imagine strong emotions whether positive or negative. Very strong emotions.

The quilting inside is another touch that will either be loved or hated -but I happen to like it. As a tactile person, I have a thing for texture. That’s just me. If you look closely, I’m the strange dude feeling up the interior of the display car while the Spyker reps are attempting to call out for security with an air of “old world” nonchalance. Mind you, that’s not easy to do. Did anyone get a viral video of that? Haha!

OK. This is pretty cool. These are “turbine air inlets” which hearken back to the days, during World War I, when the original Spyker was manufacturing airplanes and aircraft engines. The theme is integrated throughout the car’s design – exterior and interior. So, when you’re braking from the 187 mph top speed listed for this car, you’ve got plenty of cooling air to combat the brake-fading friction.

The money shot. This car is best seen from the rear, IMO. I can hear Tribe Called Quest’s Bonita Applebum playing in the background – “38-24-37”. It’s different – and that can set you apart for either admiration – or ridicule. But, if that’s what you like – as they say, “Do you.”

I could probably mention that the C8 Aileron Spyder weighs a little over 3000 lbs, has an Audi 4.2L V8 engine that puts out 400 horses and races from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds but I don’t think performance is the only determining factor for exotics of this sort. You could argue that you could go from 0-60 faster in a GT-R (and hit a higher top speed) for about $145K less than the $224.9K sticker price on this car – and you would be correct. In fact, that’s more my speed (no pun intended) and price range but some people are willing to pay more to know that they won’t see their (fill in the blank) paraded by them on the street 1,798 times a day. How often do you think you’ll see this car parading through the streets of your city? I’m not saying I agree – but, I understand…

Some people will love this car, and some people will hate it. Even within the Motor Mavens Crew, not everyone sees eye to eye regarding this car. Some of us feel it, and some of us hate it. What’s your take?

:: Avon Bellamy

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24 Responses

  1. Kelemer

    I agree that the wheels and interior need changing – but who wants to pay 225 THOUSAND DOLLARS to make serious cosmetic upgrades?! I buy a Ferrari – I’m not making cosmetic changes. Same thing with a Porsche or even a ZR1 – I don’t expect to make cosmetic changes for that kinda money.

  2. CoolHand Luke

    This car is like a bad acid trip meets Dutch engineering – and I mean that in the worse possible way. I’m thinking the interior was designed by an HIN best of show winner…

  3. Showa Kuruma

    i like the diamond quilted interior and the aluminum brushed dash… but they needed to put some CONTRAST into that interior. it’s just too mcuch. kind of like someone dropped a can of orange paint inside there.

    totally agree with Kelemer. if you pay that kind of money for a car, you shouldn’t have to change a single thing to make it “livable”

  4. D1RGE.EXE

    I love the whole thing except for that hideous safety orange interior. I’m cool with the diamond plate, the aviation touches, the rear end, etc. But ORANGE?? C’mon…

  5. this thing is so cool, much better then the original C8. If only they had used black leather instead of bright orange.. I’m glad they got rid of the ridiculous steeringwheel. It’s a sportscar, not a big cruiseship… O and it’s Dutch, so I have to like it to be fair

  6. How can people hate this car so much? This car is the epitome of automotive lunacy, executed in a way only feasible in a country where marijuana is legalized.

    I mean, look at that interior: You think anyone could think of a combination of quilted orange leather and brushed aluminum sober? And check out that gearshift – it’s connected to a pipe running through the interior and could damn well be the driveshaft, I would not put it past those freaky-deaky Dutch.

    And then there’s the steering wheel – I miss the old four-post one that made you feel like you were the captain of the Titanic before you knew about the iceberg, because it symbolizes the lunacy of the entire car so well, like the car’s so high it thinks it’s a boat.

    So yes, I like this car – I like this car a lot, and if you like the kind of automotive lunacy that brought about LeMons, the BABE rally and the Gumball 3000, you should like this car too.

  7. I’m gonna be pretty blunt and honest here. I hope nobody takes offense to my comments.

    But damn, I think this car is pretty effin ugly. They shoulda called it FAILeron. I spent a week staring at a Spyker C8 (older one) and I didn’t like that one either. We were doing the Bull Run NYC-LA cross country race a few years back, and there was a Spyker C8 there, being driven by Carl Lewis (the Olympic runner). I just don’t like the body lines of it. It looks more like a budget kit car than a high dollar exotic.

    If Ferraris and Astons are sculpted pieces of fine art, then this Spyker looks to me like someone Photoshopped it together.

    The interior looks to me like “Donk, Box, and Bubble Magazine” meets “Lowrider.” And to say that the exterior looks like a cross between Lotus and Aston Martin is going to make some Brits pretty bloody upset, I think.

    But hell, I’m glad someone likes it. I’d love to see more Dutch cars on the world market. When I was at Spa Francorchamps with my friend/ex-SPDHNTRS coworker Jeroen from the Kultivate blog, I saw a pretty interesting looking car, and he told me it was Dutch. Dunkerfort or something like that? I’m not quite sure how to spell it.

  8. @Jeremy Brown: LOLLLLLL well said, man! So awesome.

    “How can people hate this car so much? This car is the epitome of automotive lunacy, executed in a way only feasible in a country where marijuana is legalized.”

  9. Shuriken

    Freakin LOL! @ Jeremy Brown

    When I look at this car I thnk of Johann van der Smut (aka Goldmember from the Austin Powers movie) dancing around in gold spandex.

  10. The shifter is amazing as always. The front view is dope, but everything else just looks weird. But this is coming from someone who really finds cars older than 2000 more appealing.

  11. Shuriken

    Does Motormavens have some sort of “hilarious post of the year” award? If not, I would like to suggest you start one and I nominate Jeremy Brown as this year’s recipient.

    “I mean, look at that interior: You think anyone could think of a combination of quilted orange leather and brushed aluminum sober? And check out that gearshift – it’s connected to a pipe running through the interior and could damn well be the driveshaft, I would not put it past those freaky-deaky Dutch.”

    Effin’ Classic!

  12. RedStarr

    Love the car…100% Luxury. I can just imagine driving this top down on a sunny afternoon in a custom tailored suit, shirt open, taco meat exposed feeling like a BOSS.

  13. ImprezaKing

    My daughter says “why does the front look like it’s mad at somebody and the back looks like it has two eyes, a mouth and a beard?” She doesn’t like it. LOL!

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