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STOLEN> Walker Wilkerson’s Formula Drift Car!

Formula Drift, Walker Wilkerson, S13, V8, Formula D

Formula Drift driver Walker Wilkerson had his Truck, Trailer and Formula D race car stolen and it was last spotted in Carson, CA! Please Keep an eye out for the truck and trailer. It has Washington State license plates 3614XR. Please contact authorities and Walker if you spot the car, truck or trailer. Additional details can be found on Instagram, twitter and tumblr, @MOTORMAVENS @WalkerWilkerson

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7 Responses

  1. I think this makes 4 FD cars stolen so far. I’m not putting any blame on the teams or the owners, but maybe we should all consider making the trailers easy to spot.
    The cars have loud graphics, why not the trailers too? Can we lojack GPS trace a trailer or a competition car? If so then let’s do it despite the costs.

    Seriously, whoever has this car. Just strip it, because we know you’re going to. Take the LS7, take the wheels, take the trailer, but leave the rest at least. Walker learned how to drift in this car. he deserves to have it back. Even just a shell is better than nothing. Give it back. Not for the monetary value, but the sentimental value. Have some sort of a heart.

    I’m sure JTP would say the same thing about his RX-7 FC.

    And to motormavens. Could you guys write a detailed article about how to prevent car and trailer theft? Please! Not just for the pro drivers, but for the up and comers too. Let’s figure out how to deter this as much as possible. I’m sure that as a collective group we can figure something out.

  2. DaeDae

    Wtf are you kidding me!? People are fucking low man…I hope we catch that fucker..I’ll keep an eye out myself I stay in the area

  3. Mike Kim

    car was located and engine/trans are intact, parts are still missing plus they were able to close a chop shop. more info is on facebook, instagram and twitter via @motormavens, @walkerwilkerson, @vanessa_calvert, @ragingspam, @awfilms

  4. Glad you guys found the car before it was too late, Walker and Vanessa. What a horrible thing to happen on Christmas Eve. At least the main stuff is still there. Hopefully your sponsors can help you replace what was stolen!

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  6. @Cobalt Griffin: I think most of my privateer friends who have car trailers usually don’t put graphics on the outside because they WANT to keep the trailer low key, so people don’t break into it or steal it. However, maybe your idea has some merit. If someone saw a big Red Bull logoed Rhys Millen Racing trailer cruising down Crenshaw behind a beat up 1980s Ford F150, I’m sure people would notice and take pictures, etc.

    We’re not experts on how to prevent car and trailer theft, but your idea has a lot of merit. Maybe we should look into this.

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