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VIDEO> Bloodbath at Englishtown Raceway Park

Crashing into water barriers with tandem drifting missile trains through an obstacle course of buildings, fences and concrete walls with their signature don’t give a damn attitude… This is the type of stuff that would NEVER be allowed at a real race event.

The first official installment from Bloodmasters is finally here! Words can’t even describe how amped this video makes me. I can’t decide if I want to break something, or go hit the track and crash into my friends. Perhaps both is in order! Either way, this video is raw, FUN, and awesome. Throw on some denim, grab some sort of weapon, and enjoy the madness!

::Andy Sapp

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6 Responses

  1. WTF?! Congratulations to Andy Laputka and the rest of the Bloodmasters. You have restored my hope in drifting videos. Just when I thought that all drifting videos looked the same… you went and changed the game. LOVE IT.

  2. JDMrob1

    What a video, favorite part has to be the guy hanging of the net giving high fives to everyone as they pass, that was SICK

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