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VIDEO> Drift Posse – Road To Formula Drift Atlanta


Today is Dan Cyr of Cyrious Productions‘ Birthday!  If you don’t know who Dan Cyr is, he’s the brother of the Pat Cyr, the baddest privateer AE86 Formula Drift rookie who cleaned up at the Irwindale Pro Am event in the tail end of 2010.  What a better way to honor Dan’s efforts as a drift documentarian than posting his latest video from Formula Drift Round 2 – Atlanta.  It’s the best we can do Dan!  We are all starving artists for now. Happy Birthday!

What does it feel to be the proverbial black sheep?  Or better yet, the wolf in sheep’s clothing?  Before you contemplate and think that I’m going to throw all kinds of cliché’s at you, consider where privateers like Pat Cyr sit right now in the world of Formula Drift.   It’s hardly cliché at all to see a 360hp, garage built, ratty AE86 in a field of expensive dream machines and famous drivers.  To me, and to countless others, the story of the “underdog” never gets old.

Even though it’s Drift Posse’s first year in Formula Drift, we are quite awestruck at the love and recognition from not only the fans, friends and alliances already forged prior to attending the event, but also the respect and instant rapport from all the new peers and friends made in one single round of competition! Suddenly, we don’t feel so “black sheep” after all!

:: Jover Papag


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  1. Dan Cyr

    Thanks dudes and dudettes!
    @Antonio – Thanks homie!!! I try to keep stepping it up with every vid!!

  2. Russ

    I like your site.

    But I HATE that you opted to pre-load video.

    Makes me not want to visit.

    If there’s one video somewhere on the front page I have to scroll down to hunt for the one that’s making the noise.

    Not Dope.

  3. Happy Belated Dan! It was great meeting you and thanks again for the signed poster.

  4. @Russ: I HATE PRELOADED VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for pointing this out to me. I changed it asap. It isn’t a setting on our site itself, it’s something the video authors (Dan Cyr, Justin Shreeve, Joe Ayala, etc) have opted. I’ll ask them not to use it. It annoys the shit out of EVERYONE. I agree.

  5. Dan Cyr

    Yeah, I saw everybody else doing it, so I figured I’d jump on the “free hits” boat while I still could. Too bad you caught it so quick. Those other vids got prodigious hits while they were autoplaying. It is annoying as hell tho, I admit.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments, ya’ll! I need moaaaar!

  6. LOL sorry Dan, we love ya, but dislike preloaded videos, esp when we’re listening to music, reloading to work on the site, etc!

    I kept getting annoyed by the video that autoplayed and said “Hey Sully… Hey Sully… Hey Sully…” LOL

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