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VIDEO> E92 BMW M3 Tiger Edition Uncaged

Now THIS is what’s up! I was tipped off about this video from my friends at 0-60 Magazine, who just posted this awesome BMW advertising video on their website. This video advertises the Chinese-market-only (Chinese Domestic Market, or CDM) E92 BMW M3 Tiger Edition that just launched overseas.

What a great concept for a video. It builds suspense until the end, because I kept thinking, “dammit, show me the money! I wanna see the car already!” Great job, BMW. You certainly know how to let the cat out of the bag… err… cage.

:: Antonio Alvendia

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    What is the difference of the BMW M3 Tiger Edition to the plain BMW M3. Obviously, the paint job? Any modification on the performance parts and alterations to the M3 specifications?

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