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VIDEO> JDM Allstars All Out In The UK

JDM Allstars – Wembley 2009 – The Drift Festival from JDM Allstars on Vimeo.

Recently we’ve been talking with some new friends “across the pond” as they say in the UK, JDM Allstars. They held one of the dopest drift events to date in Europe, JDM Allstars at Wembley Stadium, London. 70mph entries with epic sweeping corners and jumps…dude jumps!? This was the second year for the drift event. All the hard work, blood, sweet and love that was put into making it all happen paid off with one of their best top 32’s ever. They’re feeling was standard of driving, event atmosphere, and skill level compared to the Redbull Championships in Long Beach last year.

In the up coming days we’ll be introducing to the JDM Allstars with photographic coverage of the event and the people that made this event so amazing. Meanwhile check out the video they made of the event and let us know what you think.

Music – Al Clark & Jaguar Skills
Edited by Al on Final Cut Express
Additional camera op: Josh Allen

:: Travis Hodges

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14 Responses

  1. Elemental

    I loved the quality captured by the tight shots and I loved the superimposing of the winner’s car drifting through as he explained what he would be doing…awesome.

  2. Anakin

    I watched this video at least three times – the energy and action were incredible. Internationally, the skill levels are really all evening out. Who thinks it’s about time for a Drifting World Cup?

  3. Matt

    Best drift video yet, great event have no other words, and the driving standard was absolutely insane, europe is definetly catching on FD

  4. Europe catching on FD? This video proves that europe surpasses FD in my opinion. Love the cars and finally the sound from the cars is left in the video. No slow motion artsy fartsy bullshit. PLUS Dubstep in the soundtrack! Hell yes!

  5. Erocker

    @ Section09: “No slow motion artsy fartsy bullshit”? Dude. What about the sections where the guy is explaining each section of the track and what he’ll be doing (“comin’ thru…big drop…70 mile-n-hour…loads of angle, loads of smoke…”)and they’re showing his car floating by in the artsy fartsiest (but coolest) editing I’ve seen in a drift video thus far?

  6. the driver explanation/run over lays are awesome. little weird towards the end when the music and look totally change but very nice vid overall.

  7. I have been a great fan of drifting competitions, although I have never seen one live, I would love to someday. A small request, could you upload the video of the British Drift Championship, or if not possible some pics ?

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