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VIDEO> Mass Appeal Show & Ken Block Gymkhana

Mass Appeal/Gymkhana GRID from Joe Ayala on Vimeo.

Fifty one (51) days after the first-ever MotorMavens Mass Appeal Show & The Ken Block Gymkhana Grid Invitational took place at Irwindale Speedway, I’ve finally finished the video. Most of the excuses for tardiness I can think of would actually be true – I was out of state for the holidays; I was busy with work; I got sick; my dog ate my computer, etc… but it all comes down to me just not getting it finished until now. Better late than never I guess.

The Mass Appeal event was, in fact, our very first car show, and throughout all the adversity (with our website site getting hacked two weeks before the show and car show registrations not going through), we pushed on regardless and the show turned out very well! We had a lot more carshow registrants than we expected, and the sheer diversity of the cars that showed up was amazing. We had Southern California’s best slammed-and-stretched cars in attendance, including luxury and VIP cars, several old school Japanese and German cars, several brand newly built race cars and promo vehicles from SEMA and the LA Auto Show, an actual widebody JZA80 Supra race car from the JGTC (Japan Grand Touring Championship) series, a Lexus LFA, and even a couple of slammed hot rods! The Mass Appeal show was quite an experience, and we thank everyone who showed up for helping to make it a great success!

On the other side of the Irwindale Grandstands, Ken Block’s Gymkhana Grid Invitational seemed to be exciting as well – the competition was close between the top drivers in the RWD/AWD classes, which made the competition runs fun to watch. It will be interesting to see gymkhana events grow as a motorsport, especially on the grassroots side of things!


:: Joe Ayala

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  2. My favorite shots in the video were from 0:47 – 0:51. LOVED all the RARE vintage Japanese wheels that InfinitWheels.com brought out for sale/display…

    Oh, and I also obviously loved the fact that the MotorMavens Mass Appeal show had a Bosozoku Alley!

    I also LOVED the fact that Lexus actually brought an LFA to our very first show, even though they don’t even bring the LFA to all of the Lexus-sponsored events! That was a HUGE honor!

    Wish we could have seen some of the red BMW 2002 widebody from KGB Racing though!

  3. Lucas Perez

    Looks like a great time! Rad video guys.

    Wish I was there cause I wanted to check out all those old school wheels!

  4. Hechtspeed

    Love the sound of Essa’s V10 bimmer. Sounds F1 man!

    Dug the vintage stuff and love the Discount Tire S13, it is so mean lookin, great mean stance.

    Cool vid!

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  6. Edward Uche

    This event had such a major impact on me, limited in words on how describe the emotions felt leading up to the event and during. All I can say at this point is a lot of hard work and soul went into this, much love to all my MotorMaven fam and our readers.

  7. Nigel

    Nice video guys I have not seen any new footage for a while, being a South African in Canada is difficult this time of year…so its good to see stuff going on in warmer parts of the world. (Nice to see the old Japanese metal out also.)

  8. JDM Rob

    Guys this is crazy, was just listining 2 some premo instrumentals and reading the comments before i watched the video and was thinking to myself man they should use mass appeal by gangstarr as there event music, clicked on the video and bamm, motormavens read my mind, loods like a good show, keep up the good work, peace

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