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VIDEO> Open Drift at Evergreen Speedway


Hey everyone! I’m Justin Shreeve, a videographer from Southern Oregon. I’ve been shooting video and digitally editing for over six years now. I’ve also been drifting my ’92 Nissan 240sx for about a year and a half and never thought that producing videos of it would be marketable. I’ve finally found my niche.

My main goal in working with MotorMavens.com is to present to you the grassroots drifting events happening all over the Pacific Northwest. In fact, you may recognize my name from the Formula Drift Seattle/Evergreen ProAm video posted here a while back. Anyway, enough about me – on with the drifting!

I hope you enjoy my first contribution to MotorMavens.com!

:: Justin Shreeve

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  1. M45 Infinite

    Great video Justin! Glad to see that MotorMavens found a new contributor in Oregon! Can’t wait to see more of the Oregonian and Washingtonian cars! hehe

  2. Thanks guys!

    M45 – Yeah I feel like the Northwest has a lot to offer and I’m hyped to be the guy to show the world what we’re made of. Hopefully I can get out there soon and do some driving of my own! It’s been months since I’ve drifted… :(

  3. wow, video is fresh and exciting and it has engine sounds! hope to see some innovative camera angles and new editing styles with great footage from you, watchin those “other guys” videos of the pro-events just doesnt do it for me… less artsy, more fartsy.

  4. Thanks guys! I was actually going to see if you wanted me to post up some older videos I made of recent grassroots events down here in Southern Oregon. I’ve got a couple that might be worthy of gracing MM’s pages…

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