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Check out our newest video on Streetfire.net, which features some video footage from the Spocom USA show at the Long Beach Convention Center. We decided to go to Spocom to meet up with some friends, and also to see what it would be like if we combined the footage from the small Canon HF S100 consumer HD camera I’m testing with the footage from Antonio’s Canon 5D MarkII digital SLR, which he normally only uses for shooting still photos!

Luckily for us, Antonio’s younger brother David was in town; he helped us capture a lot of this video footage while his big bro stopped at every. single. booth… to say hi to a friend of his. David’s an aspiring video producer in training – he’s only 16 years old, but he seems to have a good eye for composition already!

Enjoy the video and the music… I wonder if anyone can easily identify which video clips were shot with the 5DMk2 and which ones were shot with the HF S100?

:: Travis Hodges

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23 Responses

  1. It’s easy, all the shots with INSANE depth of field were shot with the 5D Mk II. lol Video was awesome guys. I LOVE the that green S15! OMGBBQ so hot.

  2. Mad props to the MotorMaven website. Props to the ILLest automotive lifestyle sites around. I appreciate the love in the video that featured our ’09 DSPORT Model Search at Spocom. Good looking Travis!

  3. Tree

    “while his big bro stopped at every. single. booth… to say hi to a friend of his.”

    hahahhaha. SOOOOOO TRUE!!

    Never attend a car event WITH Antonio. Its worse than shopping with a chick at a mall. He will stop at every booth. LOL!!!

    Dope video! Taking it back with questionmark asylum!

  4. Greg

    Cool video! I love the interior of that Autofashion car. What kind of car was that in?

    Also I like the color of that S15. anyone know? what kind of bumper is that?

  5. La Carrera

    I love the shots of those VIP cars! How come you dont have more Hondas in the video though?

    hey and who’s That girl on the stage dancing (the first one, not the one with the furry boots)

  6. Eric

    Awesome vid, great work David, this kid has a real solid future in front of him!! I know David and he’s a real cool guy, cant wait to see what he comes out with next!!

  7. Killzone

    This video just drew me in…the color, music, clarity, and the way it was edited just made it flow. I think I’ll watch it again…

  8. Jalouse

    Wow! That was so tight dude. I think its the best one you’ve made so far! La musique, le video.. tous les choses sont parfait. Très magnifique! Bon travail David!!

  9. nick pie

    Very nice, Antonio. Filming and editing were amazing. Don’t see stuff online with this much clarity nowadays…

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