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VIDEO> Riding the Wall at Ebisu Circuit

So last night on Facebook, I was talking to Luke Huxham, an Aussie-living-in-Japan who is producing a documentary film about drifting in Japan called “We Are Drift.” Undaunted by hard work and a shoestring budget, Luke spends most of his waking hours either shooting drifting footage or urging others to support his new documentary film. In my experience, I’ve come to learn that relentless persistence like this can only mean one thing – EVERYONE is going to know about this film in the drifting scene.

As Luke showed me the newest teaser video clip he shot at “The Holy Land of Drifting,” Ebisu Circuit just this past weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to see some familiar faces in it!  Namely, Formula D driver Calvin Wan (and his RHD zenki S14 Silvia) and Naoto Suenaga (and his white RPS13 180SX) from Team Orange. We even see a brief cameo from Team Orange’s hilarious crew chief, Igusa, driving his girl’s black R32 Skyline 4-door.

Look at how close Calvin gets to the WALL at Ebisu’s School Course! Awesome! And look how close these guys lead and follow! Since this is just a small sampling of the action we can expect in Luke’s video, I can’t wait to see the whole documentary film!

:: Antonio Alvendia

PS: Bonus Points>> Can anyone spot other D1 drivers in the video? And can anyone recognize the shirt Naoto is wearing?

We Are Drift Documentary Film Website

Luke Huxham’s Youtube Channel

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  1. Tree

    Amazing video. NO race suits, no corporate sponsors, no BS. Just drifters helping other drifters out.

    Calvins got his groove back. watch out.

  2. La Carrera, I think Hellfish is talking about Akiyo. She is the owner of that black R32 4door. Great observation Hellfish! That IS Akiyo’s car… but it was Igusa, Team Orange’s mechanic, driving it! =)

    TREE: u going to all star bash this weekend?

  3. Hey guys, thx for comments and thx MotorMavens. Someone mentioned a little blurry, the filming parts which seemed blurry were on purpose with filters or by camera focus, i sorta like the effect coming from blur into sharp, my eyes dont like watching full 100% sharp video sorta looks not real to me. Maybe because i never sleep and half my vision is always blurry haha.


  4. Hello all, im Slappy, Lukes Media Director. Im glad you all like his his. The final version is gonna be….. (insert the latest cool word here)

  5. Hello all, im Slappy, Lukes Media Director. Im glad you all like his work. The final version is gonna be….. (insert the latest cool word here)

  6. The other D1 Driver in the video is none other than Kumakubo, owner of Ebisu :) Looks like he is giving Calvin Wan some pointers there, though no idea on the shirt..

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