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VIDEO> The Spirit of Formula D Las Vegas

My recent trip to Las Vegas for round 5 of Formula Drift was one of minimal luxuries. Joe Ayala and I could only afford one night in a hotel and a rental car was out of the question. Day one, we got up around noon, grabbed some “breakfast” at the Blueberry Hill next to the hotel, and began our journey to the track at around two. The trek consisted of roughly 2-3 miles, on foot, in 108 degree weather. Luckily for us, we found a shopping cart to carry our backpacks, camera cases, laptop bags, and of course my skateboard. Before long, we had covered the cart in MotorMavens cards (gotta represent) and found fun stuff to do on the way, such as drifting and dirt dropping the cart on the side of Las Vegas Blvd. Joe and I had fun overall, but boy were we glad when an old woman (with a legit mustache) stopped and asked us if we needed a ride. She drove us about a quarter of a mile to the gift shop of Las Vegas Motor Speedway, complaining the whole time about how she would be late to work. Haha!

Anyone will tell you that there’s really no way to describe a trip to FD Vegas other than “hot.” I had a great time making new acquaintances, like when my buddy Josh Herron took us by Forrest Wang‘s shop to BS and look at all his rad cars. I also had fun catching up with friends, like when the amazing Drew Fishbein and Ross Fairfield from OMGDrift let Joe and I stay in their hotel room because 18andFamous Abbitt Wilkerson was too busy napping to answer his door. Haha!

Regarding the video, I apologize for taking so long to finish it. The song I chose has a small introduction that requires specific footage to go with the audio. Hobo and I had arranged beforehand to film what I needed while in Vegas. Unfortunately, the lovely security team at Las Vegas Motor Speedway was very strict about when and who could drive in or out of the gates, so we just couldn’t make it happen. That being said, I had to acquire the help of up-and-coming photographer, videographer, actor, and stunt driver Joe Ayala to finish the timeline.

Special thanks to Jason at ContourHD for hooking us up with the cameras. These things are a blast to use! Definitely one of the most fun moments of the trip was running around the grid, sticking cameras on cars. Thanks again!

Enjoy! :)

:: Justin Shreeve

ContourHD 1080p POV Cameras

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26 Responses

  1. Chris

    mean vid. Funny to see NFS/Speedhunters cars, they are normally carefully edited out of any MotorMavens coverage!

  2. Brandon Scarpelli

    Damn dude this is sick! I liked the different angles you got with the Contour cameras. That driving shot of Essa looked dope!

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  4. @Chris: Nah, those guys aren’t intentionally edited out or anything. We just like to show love to those who show love back. The NFS girls have been showing us love lately, so this is the MotorMavens way of “paying it forward” as they say. 😉

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  6. Justin Shreeve

    Thanks, everyone!

    Chris – I’ve never purposefully kept any Speedhunters cars out of a video. It’s all love, baby!

    Mack – Those Russians are crafty bastards! haha

  7. skurai

    oh noooo!!! tommy roberts onevia :[ damn..

    pretty good video by the way love the shreeves productions, always on point

  8. loved the night track (las vegas style tracke marker LEDs wouldve looked awesome on film, btw!)

    I would have laughed my ass all the way to next years event had something along the lines of this excerpt been your intro, instead of the car thing which was cool…

    “Before long, we had covered the cart in MotorMavens cards (gotta represent) and found fun stuff to do on the way, such as drifting and dirt dropping the cart on the side of Las Vegas Blvd.”
    ….just would have been a great homage to the media and the tribulations they face just trying to get the events covered. now that, is doing it for the love.

    keep it reel.

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