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VIDEO> World Drift Series China 2009

World Drift Series China 2009 from Larry Chen on Vimeo.

Once a year drivers from all over the world gather in China to drive the shit out of crappy cars. No rules. No limits. And sometimes no seatbelts.

This is the World Drift Series. Drifting is very new in the land of communism… but every year, American and Japanese drifters show the Chinese drifters how to do some REAL drifting. In 2008 and 2009, the main event, “WDS Hang Zhou” had a sellout crowd of 45,000 people.

This year, along with the American and Japanese drivers, there were quite a few drivers from Mainland China and Hong Kong as well. There was even a Russian drifter who came down for two events.

I had the privilege of traveling with the American team. I was given $1500 to purchase 4 sh!tty cameras and 3 sh!tty on-car mounts (I don’t really shoot video). This short film is what I ended up with. I tried to concentrate more on the drivers, since I had an opportunity to live and travel with them for 2 weeks. Every part showcases a different driver and their unique personalities. Enjoy!

:: Larry Chen

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  2. Antonio Alvendia

    LOLLLLLLLLLL I couldn’t stop laughing at people crashing into the tire barriers! And the choice of music for Andy Hateley and Forrest and Ryan Litteral!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is one super entertaining video! I’m gonna watch it again later, hahahah

  3. Antonio Alvendia

    oh yeah, and my favorite part was when the Chinese paramedics were running while holding the guy on the stretcher, and they dropped him on the ground! LOLLLLLLLLLLL

  4. Mike Kim

    dude that was hilarious…i cant believe they dropped the guy LOL…epic…they really know how to put on a show in china hahahahaha

  5. Edward Uche

    So we had Henry Shelley’s pink FC :), Forrest Wang tre flipping that hood, chinese groupies scoping out henry’s FC, aaaaand the sex driven Matt Powers humping a helmet haha. Funny ass video man. All the while, I was here in the states working my 9 to 5. Great.

  6. ImprezaKing

    NUTS! Matt Powers needs to get laid man – he’s humping every leg from here to Guandong! Loved this video!

  7. Larry this is one of the best Behind the scenes type footage I’ve seen, or documentary type film, I’m not even sure what category this is. Well it doesn’t matter, It’s bloody brilliant! HIlarious and SO WELL EXECUTED! All you cuts and The MUSIC, Fkn RAD man. When I read that you hadn’t or don’t particularly do video I though, hell maybe you should! It’s a blast all the way through man so much fun watching this short Film by you. Rock on!

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