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WEBMINING> Savanna GT/Mazda RX3 Memories

I’m mad, seriously. Christmas weekend it is, but man….I can’t hold back this level of hurt. Friends of mine can vouch for the level of anger I experience when seeing a Mazda RX3. When I let mine go up for sale, I thought it might feel good to let something move on… WRONG. I now fully regret the transaction and wish life had a rewind button like that of a DVD player – call it seller’s remorse.

While I’m watching this video, gritting my teeth and wiping tears from my eyes, you can enjoy viewing this beautiful Mazda Savanna GT as it graces the country side roads of Japan. Take a closer look at the interior shots, and wish upon many stars that I may one day accomplish supreme levels of cool when building my next old school Mazda. Recaro front seats and Burberry-esque cloth covered rear seats. Observe the fresh RS Watanabe wheels which appear to be somewhere in the realm of 14 inches with a healthy tire side wall. Awesome fender mirrors? Check. Front lip with aero? Absolutely. If you own an RX3, please use this footage as a template and do not… I repeat, DO NOT sell your RX3. Unless of course I come knocking at your door inquiring about it. Then and ONLY then is it permissible. **sniff sniff**

: : Edward Uche

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  1. Great find, Ed! This video is dope. In the grand scheme of things though, I wish the owner used older Recaro seats in the car, and since he repainted the outside with a color change, he should have at least repainted the inside of the car and the engine bay. I guess people don’t care about doing that stuff nowadays because of the new style of drift car builds and such… but this is a Japanese Nostalgic car… and if it were mine, I wouldn’t be happy until the paint matched and everything. Unless of course, the owner just wanted to make some sort of track car, then it wouldn’t really matter as much. But in this video, it doesn’t look like he’s going the “track car” route. Looks like it’s a nostalgic street car. Not bad… maybe it’s still a work in progress.

  2. Downhill Racer

    wait, does that car have a front aero lip? it looks stock to me. am i wrong?

    i do agree that the car could have some more attention to detail, but maybe that isn’t the point of this particular car. it looks like a fun driver. i dont like the square exhaust tip though. but that is one gorgeous looking body

  3. RX3’s are amazing cars. I was in love with the blue one sitting out front at Seven Stock 12.

    My only complaint, wheel fitment sucks. Not enough slam/poke/stretch/negative camber!!! My FB purchase will come shortly, and yes, I will drive to Seven Stock 13 from Florida.

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  5. Pnutsr100

    I have an rx3 right hand drive Savana gt it would be nice to be published on motor mavens I have alot of Mazdas I’m from Los Angeles . Nice job Ed I have sum rotarys if u would want to publish on motormavens. I like what ur doing on motormavens

  6. Oh snap! Hey Pnut, do you have Ed’s contact info? Or can you please send us your contact info so we can set something up? motormavens(at)gmail.com

    Also, if you’re on Facebook, please add us on Facebook! The link is on the “DYNAMITE ROLL” on the right side of our website. THANKS MAN!!!

  7. Edward Uche

    Pnut…thanks so much for checking the content on our website. As Antonio said, please get in contact, would love the chance to see your Mazda collection. Rotaries are our culture, lets showcase it.

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