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WEBMINING> Miniz SR20 & RB26 Trucks Drifting!

We received this link from one of our loyal readers, Shakotan Oscar. Thank you Oscar! We just love the internet for reasons like this. We just posted up some photos that demo car builder David Huang found of Garage Miniz in Japan… and shortly after, we received a video link from Oscar that shows more detail in both trucks!

I especially like the awesome rear mounted radiator in the white RB26 powered one! Not to mention its stance and the incredibly detailed fuel setup in the bed of the truck. Well, both trucks are incredible, but damn… that white one! Aside from me, who else is now interested in building a truck?! Garage Miniz shows the possibilities…

:: Jose Gonzalez

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  2. the red truck is hot fire, brings back memories. My homie from high school had a red one exactly like it. I remember he was telling me about shoving an sr20 in it like forever back in 1999 but it got t-boned and sold unfortunately.

  3. Rich

    Now that’s unreal!!!! Much better than watching an SR20 drift than wasted, on bags only to one day be impounded!! Awesome footage!!

  4. ey guys i’m planning to buy a TEIN DRIFT MASTER coilover… and convert it to my pickup…

    will these setup make my pickup truck DRIFT and handle well enough???

    what are the main concerns that need to be avoid in these project? TNX


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