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WEBMINING> Keiichi Tsuchiya at Ebisu Circuit East

Okay… this is a super old video, but since I just posted my story about how I felt the first time I ever saw the legendary Best Motoring Volume 41, I figured I should post the video up on the site. To me, this video is totally the shit… it’s a classic that I must have watched about a thousand times, but I still remember how this video made me feel the first time I ever saw it. It was inspiring, to say the very least. And the very first time I ever drove Ebisu Circuit‘s East Course, it immediately brought me back to the first time I watched this video, and the sound that the naturally aspirated blacktop 20 valve AE111 4AG engine made at full throttle as Keiichi drove his white TRD AE86 at Ebisu.

I’m sure that everyone must have a favorite movie or CD that they’ve listened to countless times… Inputs like this become engrained into your head; they eventually become a part of your permanent memory, and a part of who you are as a person. For me, these types of inputs include things like the Illmatic album from Nas, the Low End Theory album from A Tribe Called Quest, the Do You Want More album from The Roots, the Legend album from Bob Marley, and the Best Motoring Video, Volume 41. If you have a favorite book, video, movie, or CD, please share it…

Enjoy the video!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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10 Responses

  1. Kid Karola

    While at Uni (College) I studied with guys from Japan. They would bring back stacks of videos: Best Motoring, Hot Version, Option, Drift Club (pre Dori-Ten) and one I can’t remember the name… (was produced by Motor-Vision?) it featured touge, drift, hashiriya and drag in the mid to late 90’s. All very avante garde at the time! Found some clips on youtube recently which really got me nostalgic!

    Seems we had similar tastes when it comes to music too. For me at the time it was also KRS-ONE, Gangstarr & Dr.Octogon… I believe the mid 90’s was a golden era of HipHop.

  2. loneracer-SK

    ur damn right antonio, i too remember the first time i saw this, he’s smoothness and speed made my eyes watery and i laughed out of pure joy. super cool video, my favorite part was after he overtakes the ek9 and starts drifting his lead.

    its hard to find an overall favorite but in the hiphop category (which i love) my favorite albums would definitely be ILLMATIC -Nas, and DO or DIE – AZ – hell yeah im sure about that

  3. @KidKarola: AWESOME!!! You said DRIFT CLUB videos! I have a bunch of those that I used to dub from my friend Herbrockone from Cipher Garage. The Kinokuniya Bookstore in Downtown LA didn’t receive too many of those videos, and Herb used to be so happy that he would get to the bookstore before ME, because he would always buy the last DRIFT CLUB video on the shelf. (But the funny thing was… I didn’t mind that, cause he would always watch those videos at my house, and I would always dub them from him! hahaha so for me, I was happy cause I always got free drift videos, and HE paid for them. LOLLLLLLLLLL (I hope you’re reading this Herb! hahaha)

    Oh yeah… and you’re damn right about Gangstarr, KRS, and Kool Keith. Guru and Premier have been faves of mine since their first album, but Daily Operation really set it off… then when they came out with Mass Appeal… and then Full Clip?! oh damn. game over. BTW they performed at the very first concert I ever went to. Gangstarr, Souls of Mischief, and Wutang LIVE in San Francisco… and I snuck in cause I was underage. Man, what a night.


    @loneracer-SK: hell yeah, I LOVVVVEEEEE the part where he overtakes the EK and starts drifting in front of it! It’s like he’s saying “take THIS suckaaaa!” hahaha

    and that’s awesome that we have similar musical tastes! (Sorry about all the hip hop talk, Andy Sapp! LOL We all love Andy to death, but his heart is filled with death metal and tire smoke. Wait… maybe that’s why he’s such a crazy designer…)

  4. Edward Uche

    Man, seems like rooted automotive culture and golden age hip hop music work well together.

    You guys cant forget the “3rd Eye Vision” album from heiroglyphics though in 97-98, perfect driving music….especially for those bay area peeps.

  5. Wesley Ong

    I’m not going to lie… I played this video on my college laptop maybe 1000 times almost 7 years ago, and I just watched it again about 10 more times in a row. Just goes to show how timeless some good driving preceded by the roar of a AE111 20v can be.

  6. Cool vid! I love that grip/drift style he drives in that one. Jumping curbs, going crazy animal style at that track. Man, I need a cool ride to hit the touge! Much respect to Dorikin!

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