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WEBMINING> The Thai Drifting Scene

We found this video just clicking around on Youtube… apparently the drifting scene is strong in Thailand too! Check out the Nissan A31 Cefiro police car… convertible?! Crazy! The umbrella girls look pretty cute too… Have a look!

::Yoshi Shindo

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  1. Rich

    Dang Thailand’s gearing up too? It was pretty crazy to see how coarse the asphalt was though. ‘Good thing for tire sponsors!

  2. AEkyuni

    wow. the drift scene over there is looking pretty nice. ^_^

    those umbrella errr girls. they look nice.. hehe.

    you’ll never know. 😀

  3. Sweet. its nice to see thai drifting getting some spotlight. I’ll be back over in Thailand again this November. It would be cool to meet up with other drifters!

  4. always fade out in a montage.
    looks like more time’s passed when you fade out in a montage.


    some of the umbrella girls are cute! ^^ now, we need some vidjer!

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