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WEBMINING> If this isn't awesome…

We're dying over here.

We're dying over here.

… then we don’t know what is. Do you know why we decided to call this Motor Mavens category “Webmining?” Because when we browse the web and find crazy photos like this one, we think they’re straight up GOLD!

We were searching the web, looking at 240Z photos, when we happened across this period correct photo of this dude and his 240Z – you just knowwww it’s an old school photo! Check the 1973 bumpers on the car, the guy’s puffy afro, the super tight waist bellbottoms, and how could you NOT notice the see thru shirt. LOL We’re wondering how many people are down to drive their 240Zs to the Z Car Nationals or JCCS, rocking period correct outfits such as this one? Nothing we write can do the awesomeness of this photo justice. That being said…

Who can write the best caption for this photo!?

Click the TITLE of this post to publish your caption in our comments box. Come on everyone, show off your GENIUS! We can’t wait to read your comments. We’re freakin dying over here!

The person who comes up with the best caption gets a special prize! We’re not sure just yet what it will be, but we’ll make it something cool and worthwhile, so we know you will love it.

Do it. Do it.

:: Antonio Alvendia

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23 Responses

  1. Damn I didnt know Rico Suave drove a 240Z. Rico Suave here in this vintage picture was showing a young (or was he still 40 back then!? LOL) Tarzan Yamada a thing or two about rocking a time attack with a fresh cut.

  2. John D "audi 5000"

    “Ay fox! let’s book in my bitchen jap ride so I can put some funk in your step, ya dig! DYNO-Mite!”

  3. Puerto Rico Suave;

    Not pictured: the five cans of Soul Glo needed to maintain afro, the bottle of 714s needed to go outside with see-through shirt, dignity;

    What do you think has more coke in it right now?

    You rarely see the precursor to hipster jeans, so take a good look;

    I can go on for days…

  4. tree

    “Similar to Nakai San and Rough world, Hector Villalobos Martinez Guadalupe Jorgito Vicente Sanchez (shown above) also started a trend. Bad hair, bad clothing, and of course bad offset. Although this pic was taken in ’73, there are still a cult following of people that will continue to wear see thru shirts, have bad hair, and of course, still rock the bad offset.”

  5. AcE

    With a latino accent – “Babby! how do you like the look of my hardtop?”;

    “Hhhmmm, and i thought the 240Z had unique styling cues…”;

    “I spent all day waxing my Z… now we got get the ladies!”

  6. haha i bet that guy thought he was gonna stay cool for ever! someone should re-create that shot but in todays times, with a 370z and a young guy in some hipster clothing or something

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