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CARSPOTTING> JUN Time Attack WRX in Norway

JUN Subaru WRX

After the dust had settled and everyone had gone home from the Gatebil Rudskogen event, Lars Harlem asked Justin Shreeve and I if we wanted to see his time attack Subaru WRX. He had told us about his car months ago and I had seen it in various videos so I was more than excited to check it out.

Lars Harlem

Lars told us the story about his extensive car build. He picked up this WRX about 8 years ago wanting a fun track car. As many projects go, they just get bigger and bigger.

Lars one day decided that blue was not the color he wanted to represent his car. After much thought, he decided to paint his car yellow. Lars’ brother Dag and some of their close car friend really liked the color scheme on his WRX, so they painted their cars yellow as well, and so, Team Yellow was born.

Looking around his shop a little bit we were able to uncover little treasures such as his Subarus original trunk, which had collected a lot of dust over time.

Lars sent out his ECU to JUN about 3 weeks before the Gatebil Festival, but unfortunately, it got stuck in shipping and he was unable to receive it until a few days after the event was over. It was really disappointing for all of us but Lars will have this car more than ready for the next event at Gatebil in a few months.

He originally had a Cusco roll cage built in the car but soon the car’s inner monster was too much for that cage to handle, so he built himself a new, proper cage.

The Corbeau and Luke seat and harness go in perfectly with the vertex wheel.

To show the ingenuity of Team Yellow, they were able to build their own carbon roof with a scoop, since all the carbon manufacturers didn’t seem to make them.

Walking around the car, we found more and more cool stuff.

Lars was pretty excited to show us his full titanium exhaust. He explained that even with the whole exhaust put together, you could grab it on one end and lift it straight up! Pretty light!

I noticed these JUN brakes and thought to myself how I had never seen them before, they must be pretty rare. Apparently they are more rare than I thought. Lars told us that they are only one of three or four ever made!

The always busy hands of a hard working man and a loving father & husband.

Although Lars Harlem’s WRX was not able to make it out for Gatebil Rudskogen last year and this year, it will most definitely make the next event on September 9th! It also seems that Tandem of Die might be able to make that one too! We’ll see soon, and If so, stay up for more Gatebil craziness!

:: Joe Ayala

PS (Tandem of Die)


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