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NEWSWORTHY> Toyota FT86 Concept Revealed!

There’s no doubt that every single hachiroku lover in the world has been eagerly anticipating news, photos, and information on the new front engine, rear wheel drive Toyota FT86, which is rumored to be a joint project between Toyota and Subaru. Thanks to friends at Hachiroku.com.au and The Motor Report, Motor Mavens is proud to show these sneak peeks at the new generation hachiroku concept.

While it certainly doesn’t look like it shares much of its looks with Toyota’s original AE86 design, which was sold in the USA from 1984-1987, the new FT86 concept sure looks intriguing. The front/headlights sort of look ISF-ish to me, while the hood reminds me of a Toyota MR Spyder, the side windows look like an R35 GTR, and the rear C pillar reminds me of a Scion TC.

I wonder what the general consensus is… like it? Or not?

:: Antonio Alvendia


The Motor Report

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38 Responses

  1. vballin

    it’d be nice if they threw in some ae86 styling cues, but hey, if it carries on the spirit of the hachi, i don’t care what it looks like

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  4. Too early to tell. The concept looks like a cross between a BMW 1-series and a BMW Z4. The front looks a little like an RX-8. To be honest, it doesn’t really look like a Toyota at all to me, but I haven’t been paying much attention to new cars.

  5. Erocker

    Nice lines! It’s not an AE, though. I agree with vballin – it should have retained more AE styling cues but it is pretty sexy all by itself. It wouldn’t take much to make this baby a neck snapper. Looks like Toyota ain’t gonna let Hyundai have all the fun of getting back into the front engine RWD market but what’s the MSRP – how bad will it be for my pockets?

  6. Jover

    I think it’s HAWT! I love my 86(s) but man, you KNOW I’ll be one of the first on the waiting list to get the FT86!

  7. The front end is throwing me off a little, I don’t like the deep creases underneath the headlights. That being said, the car looks amazing in profile, and I quite like the rear end as well.

  8. AEkyuni

    lovin this concept. but impretty sure the looks will drastically change once it goes into production. and 6 speed FTW!

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  10. Ashe

    No styling ques from its distinguished predecessor what so ever? That’s a shame. BTW, I hope Toyota decides to eighty six the zipper dash.

  11. Avonsr

    This is one hot looking car! Slick lines, sophisticated interior; stylish in every sense! It has young and exciting written all over it.

  12. I disagree with those of you saying it doesn’t take any styling cues from the AE 86. It has a similar profile, although the rear window is different. But the nose comes over the lip like it’s predecessor, and in the back, the roof line blends into a trunk-spoiler combo of sorts like the original AE-86. I agree they could have maybe pulled a few more cues but check out the progression that VW has made over time with the Rabbit-turned-Golf-turned_Rabbit. You could say similar things about it but it’s an evolution. http://image.internetautoguide.com/f/auto-news/2010-volkswagen-golf-gti-automobile-magazine-reviews-new-vw-compact-hatchback/17294404+w527+st0/2010-volkswagen-golf-gti-front-right-two-hoteljpg.jpg

  13. I do dig this concept. I like the platform (rwd, flat4 n/a 4 cyl, 6 speed, backseat). I wish it took more boxy designs from the AE86, but I guess this is 2009 right? I was hoping it’d sell for less than $20k for a base model, but looks like that’s north of $20k. I loved the drifting seen with the OG AE86 in that video game scene. Made me smile when I saw the AE drifting behind. That was cool!

  14. Ashe

    Pat Daly I see your point but there is a huge lapse of time between AE86 and this FT. VW kept up developement over the years and you can trace the Golf’s origins and see it evole. The 86 ceased in 87 and now Toyota wants to bring it back after a 20+ year absence. Correct me MotorMavens if I’m wrong but I think that’s where most of our beef is with this whole new design. Sure some angles and lines might be Hachiroku”esque” if you look hard enough but to jump from 1987 to 2009 with this particular design is a bit “radical.” My point is simply this: If you’re Toyota and you’re planning on bringing back one of your most classic cars you’ve ever produced, after a 20 year absence, the new design should damn well be reminiscent and clearly apparent to its predecessor. We should be able to look at it and say, wow, that reminds of the AE86. I mean don’t get me wrong, this car is tight and everything, but I don’t see this new design that way. That’s why we’re having this discussion right now, correct?

  15. herbrockone

    Not a bad looking concept. Looks nothing like ALL THE OTHER renderings out last year and the year before! I’m sure when they designed this car I don’t think make it look like an 86 was top on the list. You can look at it and say it looks like this and that. That’s because it’s 2009 and cars look like this. I see alot of different influences in this concept. You take current modern designs and utilize it. From styling cues, body lines, engine and electronic technology, and combine it with Toyota’s manufacturing innovations you might get something like this. I heard in other reports that this was suppose to be in the 20k range, I doubt it. If they subdue the interior with what most scions come in then maybe but that interior is so futuristic. Where do they hide the side impact air bags on those seats? FT? Is that a clue of the next engine and chassis? Or does it mean F the 86 Supra bitches! lol.

  16. Looks like crap, Did the bunghole who designed this tub ever even see an 86? The ONLY thing this car shares with the original is the Toyota brand name. Zippers in the dash??? Who was the genius who came up with that. They need to scrap this concept turd and go back to the drawing board.

  17. KenKen

    I think they’ll keep it less than 30K because it’s going to be in direct competition with the Genesis Coupe.

  18. 10k

    I’ve never replied to one of these web comments in my life, but.. ‘HESUS FREAKEN CHRIST~!!! PLEASE BUILD THAT~!! PUT IT INTO PRODUCTION ASAP – and don’t change a thing~! Front engine, rear wheel drive, edgy-lines, and agressive stance at an affordable price .. say Celica GT-S/Civic Type-R/Impreza STI price, and not Supra TT/Z370/Genesis class.
    It’s what people like me have been dreaming of, and what everyone else never knew what they’ve always wanted! 😉
    Almost bought the latest Celica GT-S; Went with the IS300 instead; never thought I really needed anything else until I saw this thing. Unless it’s an original 86’, S13/S14, or even older Miata….

  19. Hopefully this will be Toyotas answer in competition to Hyundai bringing out the Genesis, an affordable rearwheel drive turbo 4cylinder freakin genious for Hyundai to realease such a car at this time with no competition but too bad noone is buying them because its still Korean not true JDM we need Nissan and Honda to join the 4banger 20k-27k rearwheel drive battle and give us tuners some options. Who Agrees?

  20. It’s getting there…I do see some AE86 cues pulled directly (namely the driver’s air vents, slim dash, and fender accents), but I also notice some futuristic hype crap that’s tossed in for the sake of being a concept. Hopefully this goes the route of the R35 GT-R’s development, and the final production car will look much better than even this concept does. I know Toyota can throw in some more retro cues to make this car more reminiscent of the AE86…if they can do that, they’ll really nail this being a homage to the classic.

  21. hi i would love to find out more about ft 86 i have a toyota sprinter ae86 with a 1ggte 2litre twin cam motor single turbo heapes of mods colour red and black more info on the ft 86 please i would love to own one

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