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NEWSWORTHY> Welcoming Speedhunter Antonio Alvendia

We are extremely proud to be announcing a few new additions to the MotorMavens editorial team this month! We will follow up soon with another post introducing the other new MotorMavens (and introducing everyone on the team, actually) as we receive photos from them, but right now we’re proud to announce that we’ll be receiving contributions from a friend to many, who happens to be the author of the definitive book about Drifting history and one of the most accomplished photojournalists in the industry… Antonio Alvendia.

Unfortunately for us, we don’t have the resources to retain his services full time, as he is a pretty busy guy. According to Antonio, he has a few new projects in the works (although he won’t confirm the rumors we’ve heard about the new hardcover book) in addition to the stuff he’s still doing for other magazines and websites like  Speedhunters, which Antonio helped to build and make popular.

Either way, adding his incredible talent and ability to our team even as a part-time contributor will only increase the level of content that we’re able to deliver to you! We’re really stoked about it, and we can’t wait to see the new pics he has been shooting! Stay tuned to MotorMavens.com!

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  1. vballin

    Nice! I’ve followed his stuff on Speedhunters for the past year. Can’t wait to see what he brings to this site

  2. Shaniqua Robinson

    Antonio! You owe me child support! Don’t think you can hide from me. Lil’ Tony Unguy Aita Alvendia needs his milk fool. Why donchu sell one of them lenses you be carrying around all the time.

    NAH JUSSSS kidding Ey. I em veri happy to see Antonio here. Es because he has nice fotos!

  3. anakin

    Antonio…cool. I hear he has nice…fotos…LOL! The temperature of this site just went up about AE86 degrees!

  4. de rafols

    you guys have no idea…

    M45…dude….can’t believe you haven’t heard of this guy….
    DUDE”S the BEST….no joke…

    no one else can compare to his photos and stories and whatnot…

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