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OH SNAP> Mass Appeal was Sex on Wheels!

MotorMavens Mass Appeal Show Irwindale Speedway CA JZA80 JGTC Supra DA6 Integra

It’s 2:00pm on Sunday, the day after our very first (should we say inaugural?) MotorMavens Mass Appeal car show, which took place inside the Ken Block Gymkhana Grid Invitational at Irwindale Speedway. This entire event was such a blur to me! I didn’t even get a chance to have one wink of sleep on the night before the show! The out-of-state members of the Motor Mavens Crew just went to the airport, and I’m about to get busy crunching my photos for my version of the show coverage!

However, before I work on presenting our show coverage… I want to show some support to another event that’s happening today, so I’ll be driving out to Fontucky, CA for the Battle of the Imports at California Speedway. I have to give big respect to Frank Choi, the pioneer who basically started import drag racing – so attending his event is a must!

I’ll be driving over an hour to get there, so please be patient! We’ll post up some Mass Appeal/Gymkhana coverage tonight!

Before I leave though, I just want to give a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who brought their amazing cars out to Mass Appeal! You know who you are… we gave out some awards at the end, but I don’t even feel as if we had enough awards for all the cars (and people) we wanted to give awards to!

On behalf of the entire Motor Mavens Crew, THANK YOU ALL! We love you!!!

:: Antonio Alvendia

NEWSWORTHY> MotorMavens Mass Appeal Show!

Ken Block Gymkhana Grid Invitational December 4 2010 Irwindale Speedway MotorMavens Mass Appeal Car Show

YES!!! Are you excited?! I know I’M excited!

The MotorMavens Crew is finally doing its very own car show! MotorMavens was approached by the good people that are organizing The Ken Block Invitational Gymkhana Grid event to bring the most stylish street cars and show cars to Irwindale Speedway on Saturday, December 4, 2010.

For this event, we plan to showcase the freshest cars that our friends and readers own for a massive MotorMavens streetcar party at Irwindale! Come out and chill with the MotorMavens Crew (and the MotorMavenettes), as we’ll be shooting an HD video of the car show to profile all the freshest street cars at the event! We will also have all the top automotive media outlets in attendance as well, scouting the best cars for magazine features. We’ve even received confirmations from overseas media – I’m talking the UK, Europe, Australia and even Japan!  This is so exciting!!!

If you own a super fresh, super stylish street car and/or show car, and would like to be included as part of the show, please make sure to pre-register your car at to receive a limited edition MotorMavens x KenBlock Gymkhana Grid shirt and other gifts from our sponsors – DC Shoes, Monster Energy Drink, Discount Tire, Castrol Edge.

    The $40 Pre-Registration fee includes:

- TWO (2) tickets to watch the Ken Block Gymkhana Grid event itself (Valued at $50 ($25 x 2 tickets)
- Pre-registered car owners receive ONE (1) limited edition MotorMavens x KenBlock Gymkhana Grid tshirt. ($20 value) (more…)

LIKE THIS> Meet the MotorMavenettes!

MotorMavenettes Tailyr Monette Motor Mavens umbrella girl girls model models import race queen

Meet Tailyr, Lauren, the other Lauren, Joanna, and Michelle… The MotorMavenettes! Like the MotorMavenettes on Facebook to check out their exclusive photos and videos ONLY found on (more…)

NEWSWORTHY> Drift Cars vs Drag Cars at IDRC

MOTORMAVENS Motor Mavens DSPORT IDRC Drifting Drift Drag Race California Speedway Fontana

California people!

Mark your calendars and free up your schedule on Saturday, September 4th! (Labor Day Weekend) We’re teaming up with our friends at IDRC and DSPORT Magazine to present the Drift Car Quarter Mile Challenge at California Speedway in Fontana CA (even though they now call it “Auto Club Dragway” because of sponsorship reasons).

We’re calling out ALL DRIFT CAR OWNERS to sign up for this special event and show the drag-only guys how fast your drift cars really are!

This event will also include a big carshow in the pit area, with lots of Southern Cali’s freshest street cars on display. If you have a super low car with aggressive offset wheels, make sure to sign your car up for the show! I’ve personally made calls to several car owners and crews who own some of the best stanced cars with wide wheels and stretched tires. (I’m not done calling people yet, so please don’t yell at me if I haven’t called you yet…) A whole lot of car owners and crews are already confirmed, so we’re going to have a big area with the dopest street cars surrounding the MotorMavens booth. If you have a dope streetcar, make sure to enter it into the car show!

More event details can be found here. (more…)

GEAR DRIVEN> Ebisu Circuit X MotorMavens!!!

This just in! We just wanted to post up a little sneak preview of our newest Motor Mavens shirt! This is actually the SECOND shirt that we’ve produced for Motor Mavens. We produced a small run of shirts for members of the Motor Mavens crew to wear when shooting events, but we received so many comments from people at events saying they wanted to rock a Motor Mavens shirt too that we actually decided to sell some shirts at this weekend’s Formula D grand finale at Irwindale.

Even though we are all going to be at Irwindale this weekend, we still have the Holy Land of Drifting, Ebisu Circuit, in our hearts… so we had our boy Antonio call up Ebisu’s owner, Nobushige Kumakubo and ask him if he would be interested in doing a collabo Ebisu Circuit X Motor Mavens shirt. Guess what… after approximately .0032 seconds of careful deliberation, Kumakubo made up his mind and responded with a YES!

So there you have it… from the Home of Drifting in Japan to the House That Drifting Built, Irwindale Speedway… stop by the Eat Sleep Race booth on Saturday to buy one of these super legit Ebisu Circuit shirts! And FYI, they’re made for American sizes, so you don’t need to worry about the “One Size Fits Small” Japanese shirts…

BRING CASH MONEY TO IRWINDALE, and make sure to buy a shirt before you do anything else, because they WILL be completely sold out by the end of the day!

See you there!!!

:: Motor Mavens

NEWSWORTHY> Lamborghini's new RWD Gallardo

You don’t have to have a Harvard MBA to realize that "more" is the four-letter word that drives the exotic supercar market.

More power. More speed. More sex appeal. More exclusivity. And, let’s get real: when folks slide into the driver's seat of an exotic, many of them wind up needing more room -- for their egos.

So what’s up with the latest-and-greatest Lamborghini Gallardo?

As its numeric designation indicates, the new 550-horsepower LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni gives up 10 ponies to the reigning mainstream model, the Gallardo LP 560-4. (Lucky you, if you’re in a tax bracket where a $233,000 car is mainsteam.) The 550-2 takes a couple tenths longer to sprint from zero to 62 mph (3.9 seconds vs. 3.7). The Baboni Gallardo even comes up short in the top speed department: 199 mph vs. a hair under 202 for the 560-4.

If this all sounds, well, backward, no one at Lamborghini will argue with you. If fact Valentino Balboni himself is the first to agree, because the car that bears his name is about going back -- to basics. Basic, in this case, being rear-wheel-drive like the Countach and Miura.   Read more...