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LIKE THIS> Meet the MotorMavenettes!


Meet Tailyr, Lauren, the other Lauren, Joanna, and Michelle… The MotorMavenettes! Like the MotorMavenettes on Facebook to check out their exclusive photos and videos ONLY found on their Facebook page!

MotorMavenettes | Promote Your Page Too

They’ll be adding more and more photos to their Facebook page. Expect lots of photos and videos here – from personal updates and photos of the project cars they’re building, random party pics, sexy photo shoots, and photos with their fans and friends at events!

MotorMavenettes Tailyr Monette Motor Mavens umbrella girl girls model models import race queen

ALSO! Meet the MotorMavenettes at the special automotive event that we’re hosting on December 4th, 2010 at Irwindale Speedway!

Info will be sent out via our Facebook pages, so make sure to add the MotorMavenettes and the MotorMavens Daily Car Culture Blog for details.

The MotorMavenettes would love to see the photos YOU take of them (or with them), so if you have some photos of them at events, please post them up on our forums!

See you at the track!

:: David Ponton

Like the MotorMavenettes on Facebook!
Stay tuned for more on the MotorMavenettes!

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  2. Blackout313

    Not worried about it. Post more cars. Chicks are unessasary. They don’t know about cars nore care about the scene unless we make them money or get famous. Ask tela tequila. She First got famous from the import scene and she never looked back to thank us. I’ll end this rant with dump the models and post more cars please.

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