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OH SNAP> Mass Appeal was Sex on Wheels!

MotorMavens Mass Appeal Show Irwindale Speedway CA JZA80 JGTC Supra DA6 Integra

It’s 2:00pm on Sunday, the day after our very first (should we say inaugural?) MotorMavens Mass Appeal car show, which took place inside the Ken Block Gymkhana Grid Invitational at Irwindale Speedway. This entire event was such a blur to me! I didn’t even get a chance to have one wink of sleep on the night before the show! The out-of-state members of the Motor Mavens Crew just went to the airport, and I’m about to get busy crunching my photos for my version of the show coverage!

However, before I work on presenting our show coverage… I want to show some support to another event that’s happening today, so I’ll be driving out to Fontucky, CA for the Battle of the Imports at California Speedway. I have to give big respect to Frank Choi, the pioneer who basically started import drag racing – so attending his event is a must!

I’ll be driving over an hour to get there, so please be patient! We’ll post up some Mass Appeal/Gymkhana coverage tonight!

Before I leave though, I just want to give a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who brought their amazing cars out to Mass Appeal! You know who you are… we gave out some awards at the end, but I don’t even feel as if we had enough awards for all the cars (and people) we wanted to give awards to!

On behalf of the entire Motor Mavens Crew, THANK YOU ALL! We love you!!!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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13 Responses

  1. Hey guys, great first show!I missed the gymkhana, but I took a lot of pictures! Just updated my gallery.

    So when’s the next one coming up?



  2. Brokey33

    Awesome event, a grip of nice rides out yesterday
    Congrats with the turn out Antonio
    And thanks for everything

  3. good job guys!!! and thanks to ed for inviting me. =] totally an awesome experience to attend my first car event with motor mavens. i look forward to many more events by you guys!

  4. brandon scarpelli

    So bummed I missed it! I ended up watching the live feed for a little bit. Cant wait to see the coverage!

  5. Edward Uche

    Thank you to all who attended our first show, such a good feeling seeing fellow readers face to face as well as the new friends made.

    @ Kent: Your FC fit perfect amongst all the dope cars out there. Glad your car is finally in the game now.

  6. jesse

    Good first show for me. I’m very pleased about the show. Ill be attending anything you guys throw out there. Just hit me up ed next event. Lol

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