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VIDEO> Cyrious Look at 2011 Slowed Down

2011 was a pretty spectacular year of drifting for me. Being a Canadian, I got to see a whole heck of a lot of America this year – not only from all the different rounds of Formula Drift that I and the rest of the Drift Posse participated in, but also as a result of a tour that saw me flying around the country for three months. (more…)

VIDEO> Surviving The Gauntlet: Formula Drift NJ

I don’t think the Formula Drift creative team could’ve done a better job naming Round 4 of Formula Drift at Wall Speedway. ‘The Gauntlet’ was a round of pure destruction and chaos both on and off the track. With cars blowing motors, diffs, and smashing into the wall above the steep bank, watching FD at Wall Speedway was almost like watching a demolition derby with drift cars. Of course, Mother Nature made an appearance, bringing a torrential downpour and some crazy wind which wreaked havoc on the Need For Speed booth. (more…)

VIDEO> Formula D at Wall Speedway New Jersey

This year was Joe’s and my first trip to Formula Drift at Wall Speedway in New Jersey. Super bummed that I couldn’t make it out last season, I was very excited to see this awesome track. I know it may not look like much to most people, but as a videographer, Wall Speedway is what dreams are made of. There is so much texture and color and grit. The trees, asphalt, and guardrail all make it very fun to shoot. (more…)

VIDEO> Formula Drift Palm Beach Brings Challenge

MotorMavens | TANDEM OF DIE | Formula Drift Palm Beach from MotorMavens Dotcom on Vimeo.

During Formula Drift‘s first Florida event last weekend, there were many bobbles, a few spins, and even a couple of wrecks. The new layout on Palm Beach International Raceway proved to be a challenge for drivers, event organizers, and media personnel alike. The slippery track was slightly technical, with a high speed and high angle entry, and rounded off with a smoky finish. (more…)

COVERAGE> Falken Tires Sweep Formula D Florida!

For the first time Formula DRIFT history, the war was brought to the battlegrounds in Florida at the Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR). Locals got to witness a "Battle of the Mustangs" as Justin "JTP" Pawlak took another victory this year in his Falken Tires Ford Mustang against last year's champion, Vaughn Gittin, Jr. and his Monster Energy/Falken Tires Ford Mustang. Darren McNamara (who qualified 2nd) and his Falken Tire Saturn Sky ended up in 3rd place after defeating number one qualifier Chris Forsberg and his NOS Energy Drink Nissan 370Z. Florida was very very good to Falken Tires! In fact, Florida was very good - period.   Read more...

GALLERY> Formula Drift Review in Pictures

Formula Drift at Long Beach is just around the corner. Yes, it is already April again. As the MotorMavens Crew gets ready for another season of tire smoking excitement, we wanted to take a look back on the 2010 season and recap the big moments as well as showcase some of the shots that didn't make it into some of the posts.   Read more...

VIDEO> Jersey Shore in the EatSleepRace R35 GTR

I’ve been sitting on this video since my trip to the East Coast with EAT SLEEP RACE last year. I’m so glad to finally post this! While we weren’t preparing for Honda Day, working on Ruckuses, and being tourists in NYC, the ESR guys and I took a trip to the original Jersey Shore of Belmar, NJ. (more…)

VIDEO> Honda Day 2010 w/ EAT SLEEP RACE

EAT SLEEP RACE | Honda Day 2010 | Raceway Park | Englishtown, NJ from Justin Shreeve on Vimeo.

The clothing company EAT SLEEP RACE speaks for itself. The name is a motto that many people live by and represents a lifestyle of perseverance and dedication to the automotive culture. It is for those reasons that it was an easy decision when Francis and Brian Mabutas (the creators of the brand) invited me out to New Jersey to shoot the largest all-Honda event on the East Coast. How could I say no? My time spent out there was amazing. I made a bunch of new friends, saw tons of incredible cars, and even smashed around on a Honda Ruckus late one night.

Look forward to more videos from myself and ESR involving the always impressive Prayoonto Racing team and an R35 GT-R built by Bulletproof Automotive in the very near future!

Oh, one more thing. Miro, the guy with the red S2000 on teal VS-XXs is selling his wheels! Help me convince him otherwise!

:: Justin Shreeve

Honda Day
Englishtown Raceway Park
Shreeve Films

NEWSWORTHY> Dai Wins FD Twice In A Row!

For those who were logged in to the Formula D Driftstream on Saturday, you mostly likely have already heard the news! Daijiro Yoshihara won 1st Place at Formula Drift again... taking home top honors TWICE IN A ROW! Driving his Discount Tire/America's Tire/Falken Tire S13 Silvia, Dai was able to beat all his competitors, thanks to his crew - Scott Dodgion from SPD Metalworks, Mike Kojima from MotoIQ, and Owen Orrego from Falken.

If you were unable to watch the climactic final battle that pitted Dai against his Falken teammate, Vaughn Gittin Jr, then make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and watch the video of the tandem battle!   Read more...

WEBMINING> The Gauntlet with Herron

More incredible Formula Drift action through the eyes of Joshua Herron! I can remember a time when the only footage you would see from FD events would be cellphone-quality clips from the crowd on YouTube. It is so awesome to see edits like these… and through the eyes of so much talent. Guys like Joshua and Will are constantly pushing the envelope with these videos. They set the benchmark for what I think event coverage should be, and I can’t WAIT to see more!

:: Andy Sapp

WEBMINING> Will at Wall

Formula D New Jersey 2009 from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

If you’ve been paying attention to Motor Mavens at all, you’ll know that everyone that contributes to this site is a fan of our homie Will Roegge‘s videos. And anyone who knows me personally will know that I’m extremely picky and critical of photographs and videos (especially my own). This being said, I don’t often pay compliments photo or video projects unless I really, really mean it. Damn right, I’m picky with photos. This is the part of my personality that makes me always strive to work hard and keep improving my own photos and technique.

As technology improves and HD cameras get cheaper and cheaper, it seems like everyone out there thinks they’re a “photographer” or “videographer.” Being a really good photographer or videographer requires a lot of talent – I believe it’s extremely important for still and video shooters to have a certain sense of artistic VISION – having a good photographic eye is definitely important. However, even more important perhaps than artistic vision, is a strong work ethic.

I’m mentioning “strong work ethic” because I think it’s just not good enough to have the latest Canon digital SLR or Panasonic/Sony/Red/Canon HD video camera (insert any brand here). A 5D Mark II doesn’t produce good photos; a good photographer with a good eye and a good amount of experience does. After all, we’ve all seen plenty of garbage photos shot by people using Canon 1D and 5D series cameras, and there are plenty of horrible car videos out on DVD or on the internet! And Heaven knows, the last thing in the world we need is another crappy-looking drifting video. It’s not flattering to drifting as a culture or as a sport!

So props to our boy Will for having an awesome eye and the type of strong work ethic that has him constantly putting out drifting videos that DON’T suck – the types of videos that constantly give you different viewpoints and different perspectives that the other videographers with more expensive equipment failed to notice.

Big props and THANKS go to Will for the best video footage from Wall Speedway I’ve seen to date. (And we can’t wait to see the sick footy that’s currently being edited by another one of our favorite shooters from Sin City!) I challenge all other photographers and videographers to beat THIS!

Enjoy the video, and turn your speakers up!

:: Antonio Alvendia