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VIDEO> Cyrious Look at 2011 Slowed Down

2011 was a pretty spectacular year of drifting for me. Being a Canadian, I got to see a whole heck of a lot of America this year – not only from all the different rounds of Formula Drift that I and the rest of the Drift Posse participated in, but also as a result of a tour that saw me flying around the country for three months. Still, even with all the sights and sounds of America, motorsports remained my focus for the better part of the 2011 summer season.

So, now that all the trailers are parked in storage and all of the race cars are back in their little boxes waiting for next year, I figured it was about time for me to sift through all my footage and pick the cream of the crop from what was a busy season of shooting cars going sideways. I also decided that my year-in-review this year would be kind of a three stage process, and I would start it off with an entirely time warped piece.

So here it is, for your consuming pleasure! 2011: Slowed Down contains some clips from this year that I actually shot with the intention of time warping but never used. I really had a blast cutting this video, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

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::Dan Cyr






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