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OH SNAP> Risky Devil RPS13: Endangering Chicago

Risky Devil Junkhouse RPS13 180SX S13 240SX

Oh snap! Just found this Risky Devil RPS13 180SX photo on my hard drive! I’m back from a period of non-publishing on the blog – 3 weeks to be exact. Sorry folks, I injured my wrist/elbow, which made it very difficult to edit photos or even type on a computer. This being said, I’ve only been able to publish new content on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. If you don’t follow @MOTORMAVENS in these places, you’re sleepin!

This is a photo of Josh Maghirang‘s right hand drive RPS13, taken while I was sitting shotgun in Leigh Roto‘s JZA70 Supra. It’s no secret that the Risky Devil crew, the boys from Grip Gambler, and all their other Chicago-based friends under the Junkhouse banner are a bunch of lowlifes who terrorize Chicago streets by driving like a bunch of a$$holes – tailgating each other at high speeds on the freeway, drifting freeway onramps and offramps, and street drifting in downtown Chicago right in front of popular clubs. No wonder all the residents of Chicago always yell F*CK JUNKHOUSE when they see these cars passing by! These guys are always up to no good… which is probably why I love hanging out with them! They are fun. (more…)

VIDEO> Risky Running the Windy City Wangan

Last night, when I asked Leigh and Dave from Risky Devil to pick me up at Chicago O’Hare Airport’s baggage claim, I had no idea what I would be getting into. I didn’t expect much… I thought maybe we’d go to a bar and get some deep dish pizza or something. Instead, Leigh and Dave texted a bunch of friends, and picked me up from the airport in a long procession of Chicago’s finest drift cars!

A simple “airport pickup” somehow turned into high speed freeway running and drifting through city streets in Chicago IL with all our boys from Risky Devil, Grip Gambler, Touge Factory, and JUNKHOUSE. Here’s a short, completely unprofessional looking video snippet of the experience. More to come later… it’s time for pizza! (more…)

VIDEO> Return to ASB with Risky Devil!

Here in Southern California, we’re about to begin celebrating springtime – warmer weather and sunny days, driving with your sunroof open, checking out short skirts and whatnot… but I thought we should post up this cool video, as an ode to the Summer of 2009.

The Summer of 2009 was a great one… sure, it was hot as hell, and everyone was complaining about low fundage and a slow economy… but that didn’t stop all the super hardcore, super down, super low, super dedicated drifters from all over the country from gathering at the Ziptied/JustDrift All Star Bash in the middle of the freakin desert, California. In case you don’t know what All Star Bash is all about yet, I suggest you click this link to get an education on it. (more…)

VIDEO> Risky Devil Puts the "Fun" in Funyuns

Fresh off the press! Here’s the newest video from Tim Tulov of T2 Films and AJ G. of the infamous Chicago drift gang Risky Devil. The two collaborated on this video to bring you what is probably the funnest Sunday ever! From hanging out with bums, to smashing into stuff, to paying off security guards…this video delivers.  Definitely give this video a gander, but I have to warn you this video contains some explicit language and it’s probably best to say its not work safe. Enjoy!

::Dax Rodriguez

VIDEO> Roegge Devil

Will Roegge just posted up a short edit he made from his visit to Chicago with our friends Risky Devil. I know street drifting is supposed to be bad (mmmkay)… but there is something about slammed out drift cars doing their thing against a raw urban cityscape that just warms my heart.

Take a look.

:: Andy Sapp


Hey guys, this is Leigh Roto from the Risky Devil street drifting crew in Chicago. I'm the driver of the light blue JZA70 Toyota Supra Turbo that you may have seen in the photos from All Star Bash Weekend.

Not many people know this, but I work at a BMW shop called WSTO. We bought this BMW 135i back in September and I LOVE it. It's not the most extreme build, but for a streetable daily driver it hauls balls and I think it looks dope.   Read more...

COVERAGE> All Star Bash Weekend Pt.3

More All Star Bash!!! We love it, so Motor Mavens keeps it coming! Most of the people in the MotorMavens crew live in different states... but yesterday after everyone got off work, we were able to put our photos together and organize them!

So here you go... enjoy the photos!  

COVERAGE> All Star Bash Weekend Pt.2

Continuing our coverage with more photos from the ZipTied/Just Drift Summer All Star Bash this past weekend, I'd like to start off by giving props to Charlie, Mike, and everyone behind the All Star Bash! This was the biggest All Star Bash yet, and I'm sure it's just going to get bigger and bigger. There were more members of the media shooting photos and video at this event than any ASB event in the past! But media aside, this event also had more cars than any previous All Star Bash! I'm proud to see a small grassroots drifting organization like Just Drift come up on such a bad ass event, with tons of participation from drifters all over the nation! ...and I'm sure the next event will be even bigger!

And now, on to the photos... THIS IS GRASSROOTS DRIFTING!   Read more...

NAME DROPPING> All Star Bash Summer Vacation

Pink Godzira and Risky Devil and Chobs S14 at All Star Bash Junkhouse

DISCLAIMER: I know everyone’s waiting for Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6 of our Just Drift/Ziptied All Star Bash Summer Slidetacular Drifting Bonanza coverage… but I just wanted to post this up real quick to say I’ll post more images later tonight, so sorry to make you guys wait!

I just got a few calls and texts from some of the Chi Town and Southern Cali homies in this picture (Can you spot anyone you know in the pics? How many names can you drop? haha), and since they’re out in Cali on summer vacation, they said they want to check out some of the dope LA grub and gear spots today! Right now we’re going to figure out where we’re gonna go… (more…)

COVERAGE> All Star Bash Weekend Pt 1

All over the USA, this has been a pretty exciting weekend for grassroots drifting enthusiasts. On the East Coast, many of our good friends made the trek to Virginia International Raceway for the North vs South drifting competition. However, in Southern California, the hottest thing happening is definitely the Just Drift/Zip Tied All Star Bash drifting festival at Willow Springs International Raceway. I've been to many All Star Bash events in the past, but it just doesn't seem to get old for me. In fact, the more events I go to, it keeps getting better and better. In the United States, the All Star Bash is the closest you can get to the actual look and feeling of an authentic Japanese grassroots drifting event, like the legendary Drifting Matsuri events at Ebisu Circuit or the regional MSC events.

Willow Springs is in the high desert - the Mojave Desert to be exact. It's two hours north east of Los Angeles, and the summertime sun just seems to sear anyone or anything it sees. As I write this, the event is far from over! In fact, we're about to leave the hotel in a few minutes to get back to the track, where the course just went hot - literally and figuratively.

This weekend's All Star Bash was exciting because there were drivers and cars that came from all over the United States just to drift with California's best. Cars came from as far as the San Francisco Bay Area, the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, Las Vegas, Chicago, and even South Dakota!   Read more...

WEBMINING> Risky Devil IS300 is Back!

Being a web junkie I search the outer boundaries of the web looking for cool content and most importantly cool cars. With the internet train making a regular stop at Risky Devil’s blog I was greeted with some new imagery from AJ of ILL Photography. After ending the hiatus of one of my favorite Risky Devil cars and sporting a new front lip got me really wanting to make a trip to Chicago and meet up with these guys. Who wants to see me do a photoshoot of the Risky Devil cars? I sure do!

:: Dax Rodriguez

VIDEO> Summertime in Chicago

summer chillin from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.

Ahh… summertime. We love warm summer nights… hanging out with good friends, washing your car, and then cruising out to kick it. We know this video is kinda old, but who cares? It’s dope. Even though this video isn’t long at all, our boy Tim from T2 films brings it back to basics and does it again, capturing the essence of why we love summertime… Enjoy!

:: Motor Mavens

VIDEO> Last night in Chicago…

So I was talking to my homie Tim from T2 Films on Facebook, and he linked me to this video from LAST NIGHT. Screw the soundtrack… listen to the pure SOUND of street drifting!

Raw and uncut, this footage of AJ from Risky Devil reminds me of the Japanese underground street drifting footage that my Japanese friends would send me on VHS tapes… this was like 10 years ago…

Respect, Chicago! Now THIS is dope.

:: Antonio Alvendia