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VIDEO> Return to ASB with Risky Devil!

Here in Southern California, we’re about to begin celebrating springtime – warmer weather and sunny days, driving with your sunroof open, checking out short skirts and whatnot… but I thought we should post up this cool video, as an ode to the Summer of 2009.

The Summer of 2009 was a great one… sure, it was hot as hell, and everyone was complaining about low fundage and a slow economy… but that didn’t stop all the super hardcore, super down, super low, super dedicated drifters from all over the country from gathering at the Ziptied/JustDrift All Star Bash in the middle of the freakin desert, California. In case you don’t know what All Star Bash is all about yet, I suggest you click this link to get an education on it.

It’s like Woodstock for drifters, but instead of getting together to smoke joints and listen to music, the All Star Bashers get together to smoke tires and listen to engines bounce off their rev limiters!

Big ups to our Tim (aka T2Films) from our Windy City family for finally releasing this video! (And yo, sorry I kept forgetting to send you my footage – I failed like a mofo on that.) Nuff respect to Just Drift, ZipTied peeps, Risky Devil, Pink Godzira, Instant Party, Mulsanne, and ALL the other drivers who made it out to All Star Bash, regardless if they were in a crew or not.

:: Antonio Alvendia

PS: I love the street footage of the cars just driving around randomly on the street. Hell yeah!

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15 Responses

  1. A70 has a 1j, not a 7m. haha

    just a heads up, the last part in the credits is dedicated to all the people that helped us out with the RD x ASB 09 Fund/stickers/ We appreciate it so much. Again, thanks for everyone that supported!!!

    we hope to cruise the streets of cali again, this time with more cars!

  2. Jaime

    Seriously, best vid of ASB ever!!!
    Keep it up RD and all the people that made it to Cali.
    NOTE: Antonio, you appear in the vid 😉

  3. He wasn’t really drunk. It was one of those “I’m still drunk” comments that everyone makes the morning after a night of drinking. More or less he just felt like crap.

    Anyways, this was the best trip I have ever taken.

    And yes, my A70 has a 1J…the 7M is pointless haha

  4. Yes antonio thanks for posting the video up. Also thanks for all the love, it was the best trip of my life! Cant wait for midwest bash 2010 i better see some of you cali dudes at our home track since we made the trip out to you.

  5. thanks for the great time guys. All the new friends in cali made the trip dope.

    Btw…i should have worded it right. It was more of a really really really bad hangover, should have still been sleeping feeling.

  6. Mr. Chob, I figured you were mostly just hungover. But, having never drank an ounce, I’m clueless. haha Your car and drifting is rad though! Can’t wait to see how many cars make the trip this year…I wish I lived closer to WS. It is in my parents backyard (20 minutes away).

  7. Flybert

    This video is getting me pumped for another weekend of drifting. Can’t wait for ASB. Shit is going to be hot as hell again.

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