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VIDEO> Risky Running the Windy City Wangan

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Last night, when I asked Leigh and Dave from Risky Devil to pick me up at Chicago O’Hare Airport’s baggage claim, I had no idea what I would be getting into. I didn’t expect much… I thought maybe we’d go to a bar and get some deep dish pizza or something. Instead, Leigh and Dave texted a bunch of friends, and picked me up from the airport in a long procession of Chicago’s finest drift cars!

A simple “airport pickup” somehow turned into high speed freeway running and drifting through city streets in Chicago IL with all our boys from Risky Devil, Grip Gambler, Touge Factory, and JUNKHOUSE. Here’s a short, completely unprofessional looking video snippet of the experience. More to come later… it’s time for pizza!

:: Antonio Alvendia

PS: This video is completely unedited (mostly because I don’t know how to use Final Cut), shot handheld with my new point&shoot Canon Powershot Elph 300HS that I bought off Craigslist for $125. I think I need to get a 510HS when it comes out!

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29 Responses

  1. missile

    wack. whats up motormavens how come all the sudden your uploads are so far appart now??? and when you do get a new story/video its a POS like this?

    you guys need to get it in gear.. just sayin, nothin against you guys

  2. HellaJDM

    yo missile, if you’re comin to MotorMavens looking for news, coverage, or anything relevant, you’re coming to the wrong place.

    MotorMavens is just a way for Antonio and his boyzzz to get 30 media credentials for an event.

  3. chitownspeed

    I am so dissapointed to just see this. Come on, really? In this day and age you’re just gonna put up a completely unedited video liek this? Not to mention this sort of carp! Shamefull!

    I am always saddened to see any car blog cover chicago with such poor content. Why don’t you do a proper Chicago tour, take some nice video/ pics of not only Risky Devil but also feature the some of scene we have here, GO over to AMS see the worlds quickest GT-Rs & evos being build & ect. Show what Chicago is all about VS just showing an asshat driving vid.

  4. Squishy, Wangan isn’t a style of driving, it’s a highway in Japan. We are cruising on the highway as you can see. And exactly how does cruising at slightly above the speed limit make us a “pack of assholes”? I’m sure you can think of way better things to hate on us for then cruising on the highway.

  5. kanye west

    other states have home tracks in there states our closest venue is in a neighboring street. but we aint complaining, we have one of the dopest street drifting scenes in america. tell me where else could u get together 30 best drift cars, go tandem in a busy city at a turn packed with cars and trucks and people leaving and coming to a club. and not go to jail at the end of night? thats a great night. wejust dont give a danm, and make the best out of what we have. we have style, culture, n growing motivations and movements.

  6. Weasel

    Honestly, street drifting is the only real drifting. All this competition at a track, judged drifting bullshit is too sterile.
    Driving fast on a highway is like checkin out cute girls at the beach. no tellin if they’re over 18, but it aint like youre hurtin anyone by doin it. It’s when you hit one of them that you gotta worry about anything.
    and besides, just like those young hoes, hit it and quit it and it’s all gooood.

  7. missile

    @hella…..so your saying if i want to go to a website with something relevant to the car culture i should go elsewhere? and i want irrelevant garbage to come here?

  8. I don’t know if you guys know, but this video has like… 500+ reblogs and likes on Tumblr and counting.. So that’s 500+ people who actually enjoyed this video and here on the site are just a bunch of whiney bitches like what Gary C. said who lack bravery to drive fast on freeways and the meaning of “fun”.

    Lol just sayin’.

  9. petite pounder

    lambert paat, just cause justin beiber is a high selling artist right now doesnt mean his music is awesome. lol. juss sayin’.

    and really driving recklessly on the highway? real mature guys.

  10. Weasel

    that was hardly reckless when you consider what these guys do for fun everyday.
    you would be shitting yourself right now if they had been drifting in that video with all that traffic.
    i bet you 30 dollars they could do it though. a bunch of turkish dudes in S2000s do it without a problem. proper missiles on wide lane american highways? cakewalk.
    people are so bitch these days. untuck your balls from your assholes.

  11. 0danxQ

    if i wanted to hear from a p*ssy i’d pull down my pants and stand in front of a mirror… reckless driving pffftttt wait till final edit then go cry and bring your tears to your lame fan boy car meet

  12. J. Bouche

    No need for some of you guys to get defensive.Some people just expect BETTER content for this website (shouldn’t it be a compliment?). If a crappy video that looks like it came of of YouTube is posted on this awesome blog and people are disappointed, what should one do? Get mad? or take note?
    C’mon guys. The video IS CRAPPY and people were just disappointed to see it on HERE. So please…..take note. Besides, MM should not be condoning that type of activity on the streets (balls or NO balls–it’s stupid. PERIOD).

  13. Haters will Hate. fuck em. haha considering they take time to comment, theyre still dick riders.

    I think what u guys did was f’in awesome. show up at an airport with a group of proper ass cars just to pick up one dude!

    If it was just one nice ass car, it would be like oh cool. nice car. but a whole crew lets everyone flying into chicago KNOW whats up. not only is there nice cars, boys can unite just to have fun. I think these dudes are jealous cause they dont have friends who will even go to a club with em.haha

    DO YOU!

  14. that guy

    I can’t wait to see what the proper video of this trip looks like. And honestly, at most those guys were doing 85 mph, which since this is a auto-enthusiast website, is pretty much how everyone who visits this site drives if given the option and it’s reasonably safe to do so.

  15. arcticlink

    @Weasel, “untuck your balls from your assholes” truer words where never spoken. I got here from google , got hooked on this junkhouse blog from half a world away and trying to figure out who these risky devil boys are.

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