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COVERAGE> More MotorMavens Mass Appeal Show!

Here are some more overdue photos from MotorMavens Mass Appeal show... As everyone knows, our first Mass Appeal was part of the Ken Block Gymkhana Grid Invitational event. Unfortunately for the MotorMavens Crew, we were extremely busy and understaffed during the event - we weren't able to spend a whole lot of time on the gymkhana side, because we were busy handling things on our side of the event - the Mass Appeal! We did notice that there were lots of people walking around Irwindale, dressed head-to-toe in DC/Ken Block clothing. We were pretty surprised; we know that Ken Block's YouTube videos get millions of views, but to see all the fans rocking Block gear from top-to-bottom was pretty crazy.   Read more...

WEBMINING> Snaps from Vegas Pro Am

This past weekend was quite a busy one in the world of grassroots drifting. Up in the Pacific Northwest, our boys Yoshi Shindo and Lucas Perez were busy with the Evergreen Drift season opener, as seen in their previous post.

In the Pacific Southwest, many dedicated grassroots drifters made the trek to the very first installment of the Vegas Pro Am Series. I was sick this weekend, and couldn't make it out, but thankfully, I received a link to some event photos on SAV Photo's Flickr page from Sin City local Nick Dizon. Many people know Nick as one of the main movers and shakers of the VegasDrift community, but the Vegas Pro Am brought out drivers from all sorts of places - from Arizona to Pennsylvania, all the way to Canada!   Read more...

WEBMINING> New Shoes on the Shakotan S12!

Guess who got some new kicks? This is Henry Nguyen‘s shakotan S12 200SX sure is breaking hearts with its shiny new shoes. Forget those played out Bapes, kid… it’s all about the classic Japanese styling of Speed Star Wheels.

More specifically, 15x9J (-17) SSR Mk3 up front, and 15x9J (-27) SSR/Longchamps XR4 wheels out back. With the front chin spoiler, and rear wing. Definitely a Heartbreaker, damn son.

:: Antonio Alvendia

Lowdown Heartbreaker S12 200SX

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CARSPOTTING> Lowdown Heartbreaker S12 200SX

While I was walking around the sea of nostalgic Japanese goodness at the Japanese Classic Car Show last year, a particular S12 Nissan 200SX caught my eye. To be completely honest here, I've never been the biggest fan of S12s. Most people pretty much disregard the S12 as far as "cool Nissans" go... to most people, the S12 is definitely the red-headed stepchild of the 1980s Nissan family, especially when you compare it in popularity to S13s, Z32s, and Z31s... hell, even Nissan Sentras are more popular for some reason* than the S12 200Sx. (*Well... I think one of the reasons the Sentra was so popular for racing is because of all the R&D that Mike Kojima did with them when he was still working for Nismo as a race engineer) Either way though... I'd way rather have an S12 than a Sentra. There's no question about that... especially after seeing Henry's S12?! This has got to be the dopest looking Nissan S12 I've ever seen in my entire life.

So what was it about this particular 200SX that caught my eye? It just had to be the style in which it was built up. Let's take a closer look...   Read more...

WEBMINING> 1982 Super Silhouette Silvia Turbo

I absolutely LOVE these old Super Silhouette cars! Cars like this look so crazy because of their robotic looking bodywork – it looks like something straight out of a Japanese anime movie. This particular one is a 1982 Nissan Silvia Turbo, which is the same as the S12 200SX in the United States.

Nissan and Mooncraft Japan worked together to create this monster, and somehow, they were able to get over 500hp out of this 4-valve DOHC 4 cylinder turbo motor! Just think… having a 500+ horsepower SR20DET engine is definitely doable with today’s aftermarket engine and electronics technology… but these guys made this car in the early 1980s, when the A-team van and Knight Rider were new shows on television! It never ceases to AMAZE me what these old school Japanese racing engineers accomplished back then.

Also notice that super old school red Recaro racing bucket in the car! DOPE!!! Also notice, this particular Silvia Turbo is sitting on some super wide Impul Hoshino G5 wheels. AE86 guys, please take note – it’s further proof of what I’ve been telling everyone on Club4AG for like 10 years now… Hoshino wheels belong on NISSANS, not Toyotas. Kazuyoshi Hoshino (and his Impul Hoshino wheels) have a history of racing Nissans, so when you put Hoshino wheels on your AE86, it’s like putting Mugen stuff on your Nissan. Or putting TRD stuff on your Civic. Or putting Nismo stuff on your Subaru. Get it?

So if you like the look of the Impul Hoshino G5 wheels that much (ya gotta admit, they DO look pretty damn awesome), then try to find a set of Work Equip 02 wheels, or try to find an R30 or R31 Skyline or S12 Silvia to mount those Hoshino wheels on, if you’re interested in keepin it real. If you don’t care, that’s ok too. Just saying.

Either way, these 1980s Japanese race cars are so incredible. Their incredible and unique style even influenced people to recreate these crazy body modifications on their own street cars – the bosozoku (yanki) cars.

I love Super Silhouette!

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:Antonio Alvendia