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COVERAGE> It’s JDM Yo! Anniversary In Cerritos

Over a year ago, when you heard the phrase 'It's JDM Yo!' you would just think of a bunch of Japanese cars with parts from Japan following a trend. Now, as soon as you hear it, the first thing that comes to mind are the hot models and Tony 'It's JDM Yo' Lee with his posse at every major car show representing. The meet turned out more like a car show but with free entrance and in and out privileges for both people and cars. With vendors, food trucks, free NOS Energy Drinks to quench your thirst, and lots of eye candy the day went by without a hitch. A raffle, emceed by Tony and Miss Natalia Marie from NOS, was held and proceeds went to help fund Big Abe's daughter Sophie's funeral cost (if you don't know who Big Abe is, he's the guy with the big ass rim hanging from his neck). I have to give a big shout out to Big Abe for showing up to the meet after going through what he and his family had to endure.   Read more...

COVERAGE> Zen Garage Exhibition in Little Tokyo

As part of its continuing “Salon Pop” series, Giant Robot and the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) in Little Tokyo (Downtown Los Angeles) unveiled the concept exhibition, Zen Garage, developed in collaboration between the JANM and Eric Nakamura, founder of Giant Robot, a brand that started out as a magazine devoted to art and the cooler aspects of Asian-American pop culture.

Even though I personally am not extremely well versed in the world of art, Giant Robot is an inspiration to me, because it started in 1994 without any kind of budget or corporate backing (much like the MotorMavens website). Since then, Giant Robot has grown as a brand and as a movement - Giant Robot Magazine can now be found in major bookstores; there are Giant Robot stores in San Francisco and Los Angeles; there's even a GR/Eats restaurant in West LA! I remain fascinated by homegrown brands that have blown up organically and become success stories, and this is why Giant Robot's involvement in Zen Garage was interesting to me.

On top of all that, I think it's pretty interesting for an exhibit like this to exist within the walls of the Japanese American National Museum. We're talking about an museum that isn't even purposefully focused on cars. The JANM focuses on the experience of Japanese people in America, from World War II internment camp relics to artwork by Mike Shinoda of rock band Linkin Park... they don't normally focus on cars or car culture, so having the JANM recognize these cars and motorcycles as art... is a pretty big deal in my opinion.   Read more...

VIDEO> One Of One Show at Long Beach

Fatlace OneOfOne Showcase | FD Long Beach Extra Footage

So yesterday I was sitting at my desk, cleaning up my external hard drive. I realized I’ve got TONS of extra footage of Formula Drift Long Beach and quite a bit of footage from the Fatlace OneOfOne Showcase that didn’t make it into the final edit.

My girl had the car for the day, and I wasn’t getting anything else done… so I decided to make another edit. This one has a much lighter vibe than the first, with no color grading and very little audio work; just lots of familiar faces, pretty cars, and loud engines.


:: Justin Shreeve
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COVERAGE> Wekfest Weekend in J-Town SF, Pt.2

For the second installment of the MotorMavens coverage from my trip to the San Francisco Bay Area last weekend, we'll take a look inside the Wekfest itself. For those who really couldn't wait, I'm sure you could have just Googled "Wekfest" and found a bunch of Flickr pages and other galleries with random photos from inside the show.

However, our story is going to be a bit different, because I'm not planning to post up photos of every single car (250+ for sure) at the show. Instead, I'm only going to focus on the cars that caught my eye; the cars that either had the best style, or cars that had something different going for them, which piqued my interest. After all, I've been lucky enough to have attended a LOT of car shows and a LOT of racing events all over the world. This being said, seeing the same old thing over and over can get kind of dreary at times; not to worry though - the cars at the Wekfest definitely had flavor.

The dimly lit parking structure in Japantown San Francisco that served as the venue for the event might not have had the best looking "background" or ambiance for photography, but it was filled with some of the West Coast's best looking cars, so we'll just let those shine through...

Up above, the entrance to the underground parking structure was packed with cars and spectators... I was surprised that the City of San Francisco allowed that many people in a place that had so few exits! Nevertheless, the show had a good vibe to it... at times, it kind of reminded me of what it felt like to be in the parking structure scenes when I was on set shooting NBC Universal's Fast & Furious 3 Tokyo Drift movie... if only you replaced the Japanese (and Japanese-looking Chinese, let's be honest here) cast members with a bunch of young Filipinos, Chinese, and Vietnamese car owners. LOL   Read more...

VIDEO> 5Axis DJ Hero 2: Scion xB

We showed a snapshot of the new 5Axis Scion xB at the SEMA show back in November… here’s a closer look at some of the details of the car, as shot real “quick style” with Antonio’s Canon S90 point&shoot pocket camera.

What we really like about this Scion xB is the fact that it’s the first time we’ve seen anyone make the newer Scion xB look really, really cool. Think about it – DJ equipment, dancefloor and strobelights aside… we think if Troy Sumitomo, the man behind 5Axis, made those flares, wheels and fender mirrors available for your everyday Joe Schmoe Scion owner to buy… well, we’d see a lot more second gen xBs on the road that actually look cool.

After all, we can definitely picture a guy who owns a fully built KP61 Toyota Starlet with TRD N2 works fender flares driving a widebody Scion xB like this as his daily driven commute car, even with the automatic transmission. We think these flares and wheels would be a hit… (Antonio was already trying to figure out what other cars those wheels would fit on) but what do you guys think?

:: Travis Hodges

PS: Don’t you think this xB would fit perfectly in the DJ Hero booth at a big video game convention, like E3?


Five Axis xB - SEMA 2009

Every year there are a few SEMA builds that stand out. This Five Axis-built Scion xB is certainly worthy of falling into that category. The super-wide flares and 5 spoke Impul Hoshino-esque wheels seem altogether remnant of the N2-flared AE86 racers we all know and love. The fender mirrors are another subtle touch that only adds to the feel of that very nostalgic throwback. The rear doors/windows have been sealed up and shaved smooth to give this otherwise 5-door compact a much meaner coupe-like attitude.

For more pictures of this car, check out Garage Life over at Fatlace.

:: Andy Sapp

CARSPOTTING> bB Squad on BBS in Sarasota

Looking through the terabytes of photos in our Motor Mavens photographic archive, we noticed these photos from our last trip to Florida sitting in a folder, never before published and never before seen on our site.

It was one of those perfect Florida days, with the tang of fresh salt water in the air and the sun seeming to just chill and hang out like an old friend – warm and breezy in a “no worries” sorta way. So, what does one do in Paradise? That’s right... check out the cars. We were in Florida to attend the Scion Exposed 6.0 event in Sarasota anyway, so we thought we'd do a little carspotting at the show. That’s where we saw our favorite car at the show - this clean, minimalist, emerald gem, owned by Nick Rico of the bB Squad.   Read more...

OH SNAP> Boxcar Sessions

Recently, I’ve been doing some research on good commuter cars that can fit A LOT of camera equipment inside, but still get great gas mileage. I’ve looked at the new Scion xB, Nissan Cube, and also the Kia Soul. There are certain things I liked about all of these cars, but for some reason, I’m still more drawn to the old school original boxy style of the first gen Scion xB.

In my opinion, the Nissan Cube looks closer to the first gen xB than the second gen xB does… but it still doesn’t capture the same feeling as the first generation Scion xB. Maybe it’s because the first gen xB has Japanese roots as a Toyota bB, with tons of Japanese aftermarket parts available, from big wheel VIP style to lowdown/shakotan 15 inch wheel style… and a ton of dope aero kits like Kenstyle or Damd. (The Damd Gulf Toyota bB had me jockin like crazy when it first came out!)

Here in the continental United States, I gotta give props to guys like the bB Squad and especially Paolo Luna and Kenny Leadsled in Las Vegas, who build cars that are so stylish, they inspire other Scion owners to bite their steez. In my opinion, THESE are the guys that Scion USA corporate needs to give “build project” cars to. (I hope you’re reading this, Kennedy, Craig, M.J. and Steve!) These are the real grassroots, die hard Scion guys that deserve a chance to build a fresh box, because they have so much style! I’ve been to Scion car shows in other parts of the United States, and I was just horrified by the way some people built their Scions… especially the ones with cheesy themes! For real!

Anyway, the whole point in me writing this… is that I wanted to give props where it was due, and shine a much needed light on these guys, who have put together some of the freshest Scions I’ve seen in the USA thus far. I never got around to shooting Kenny’s car (Sorry Kenny!), but if you want to check out Paolo Luna’s xB, then click here to see the feature on Paolo’s car that I shot and wrote back when I was still promoting that other high traffic car blog site. =)

::Antonio Alvendia

Paolo Luna’s xB feature from last year

COVERAGE> Formula D Brings Heat to Vegas, Part 3

It has been ten days since the Formula D tour rolled the dice through Sin City, and what an event it was. We've already shown you numerous photos and videos from the Vegas event, so we thought we'd wrap up our photographic coverage of the event today.

In the pit area right before qualifying, the Apex'i crew was busy at work - either their differential or ring and pinion seized up, because the rear wheels on Ryuji Miki's FD3s wouldn't spin at all - they were completely locked up! The Apex'i crew always seems to be working tirelessly, as we always see them working on their cars on the side of the track.

In this photo, we see Jeren Walker from DSPORT Magazine offering to lend a helping hand, so that the Apex'i crew could get the car back on track and Miki could qualify. Jeren works for a magazine - he wasn't hired to help Apex'i; he had nothing to gain from getting down and dirty, helping to get Miki's car back on track. Yet he willingly volunteered to help, because that's what people do from the grassroots drifting scene. Wait... Apex'i..? Grassroots?   Read more...