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VIDEO> Gettin Ready For FD Vegas!

Pre-Grid to Post-Podium: Formula Drift Las Vegas w/ Jarod DeAnda 2009 from SHOOT FIRST media on Vimeo.

I just saw this link on Twitter and had to post up this video because this is exactly what our Formula D Las Vegas trips are like. (Well actually, on our trips, you have to add in stops at the Adidas/Nike outlets, Sapphire’s, Glitter Gulch, The Rio Seafood Buffet and The Get Back hip hop/funk/soul party in old town Vegas.)

Big ups to Jarod DeAnda and Andy Laputka for shooting this stuff and posting it up so quickly, before the Formula D Las Vegas event. I always love visiting the Undefeated Las Vegas shop too. Seeing this blend of fashion and cars is pretty cool. Actually, come to think about it… this is exactly what we do when we go to ALL the different stops on the Formula D tour. Fly in, hit up our favorite gear spots and grub spots, then go to the track…

We’ll be seeing you guys in Vegas!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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