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VIDEO> Hoshino Car Style at Ebisu Minami Course

Hoshino Car Style : Customer Drift Day お客様のドリフト日 from Luke Huxham on Vimeo.

I just got a link to this video from Facebook (Connect to MotorMavens on Facebook!), and it really got my attention for some reason. Why? While there’s certainly no shortage of drifting videos online (most of them are pretty bad), but this one was fun and refreshing! This video from Luke Huxham features my fun loving friends from Gunma, Japan tearing it up at Ebisu Circuit‘s South Course; they are a strong drifting family (I say family because the word ‘team‘ doesn’t accurately depict how close these guys are) called Geki Kassou Dan.

The members of the Geki family are certainly a popular bunch of misfits in the Gunma drifting scene. They are easy to spot, with bright orange paint adorning their cars as an homage to their revered friends, Ebisu Circuit’s own Team Orange.

The first members of Geki Kassou Dan that I ever met were team leader Hoshino (owner of Hoshino Car Style in Gunma, and driver of the AMAZING multicolored white/orange/green/yellow FC3S RX7) and Minami, owner of one of the orange Geki S14s. We actually met at ricer parts company APC‘s (We jokingly called it Abunai Parts Company because of all the Chinese knockoff stuff they made. Abunai means dangerous, by the way.) warehouse shortly before a D1 Grand Prix event at Irwindale Speedway, back in 2004 or 2005. Not too long after meeting Hoshino and Minami, I took several trips to Japan and chilled out with them and their fun loving crew at several events!

Seeing this video reminds me of good times with these good friends; it reminded me of a time when people didn’t even need to rock stickers saying “Keep Drifting Fun” because the spirit of drifting WAS all about having fun with your friends, surrounded by awesome cars.

It seems that with more and more people putting their focus towards big corporate sponsors, rules governing tire sizes, points chasing and the politics of drifting as a sport, it’s often easy to lose sight of the pure aspects of drifting that got us all hooked on LSD in the first place. Thanks to Luke Huxham for sharing this fun video – it really made me miss my friends in Japan, especially the people that I’ve grown so close to at Ebisu Circuit. I need to make plans to return soon! I’m not even Japanese, but for some reason, Ebisu just feels like home to me.

:: Antonio Alvendia

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  1. I love this video ^^ It’s sad that some people have to be reminded to keep drifting fun, but yeah, they are out there.

    Stuff like this really makes me want to buy knuckles and keep my car looking multicolored a little longer bahaha.

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