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VIDEO> Some Old Ford… 1964 Galaxie 500 XL

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a Ford fanboy, but my bias shouldn’t affect how cool this video is. The quirks this guy remembers about the process of buying his Ford Galaxie are what make the car culture so great. I definitely respect his decision to keep the car in its current cosmetic state because it shows the car’s character without being a jalopy. As long as that 427 is growling, I frankly don’t care what the cosmetics look like. He admits that a WRX would smoke the old Detroit boat, but we all know that speed isn’t always everything. Enjoy!

:: Jim Comeau

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11 Responses

  1. GREAT video – it’s really different from the types of things we normally post! Great find, Jim! Welcome to the site!

    Let’s see what kind of other cool vintage car stuff you can dig up!

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  3. JMac

    I’m not sure what it was, but by the end of the video I felt attached to the car, like it was an old friend. Nice video, Jim!

  4. Brendan

    awesome video, something different put probably one of the most emotive car videos i’ve ever seen. Makes me want to go and buy an old boat of a car

  5. Paul Ross


    I know that you have a lot of inquiries regarding your 1964 ford but if you are interested in selling it would you please contact me. By the way, awesome video.

    Kindest regards

    Paul Ross

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