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WEBMINING> Créme Fresh Levin!

BM-YU 1999 MM

While some of the other members of the Motor Mavens Crew are busy putting together their photos from this weekend’s Formula D Pro Am event, I thought I’d show post this scan of a car I’ve been admiring.

There are some blogs that I check out frequently, and I came across this scan from a 1999 Battle Magazine that Rob from Roadster:DRIFT posted up. The AE86 Levin has always been one of my favourite cars, so when I saw this, my jaw dropped. To some this might just be another Levin, but for me looks wise this is the PERFECT Levin! Just clean and simple with a Goodline front bumper and bonnet, TRD rear wing, and a few nice subtle touches like the kouki spec rear bumper, foglights minus the grill, and what looks like stock arches rolled and flared. It’s also sitting on a set of gorgeous RS Watanabe Type R wheels in 14x8J -6.

Like I said before, for me personally, this is the perfect Levin. But AE86s are cars that can have so many different styles applied to them and I’m sure any fan of the AE86 has their favourite. We’d love to hear from our readers what your favourite style is or even a particular car e.g., Katsuhiro Ueo’s famous D1GP Trueno.

Let us know!

:: Daniel Bridle

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  1. Great find Daniel! I have quite a few Japanese magazine issues that this car was featured in. I agree, it DOES look awesome! But my favorite cream colored 3-door Levin of all time was the one owned by Yamashita Koichi from Running Free. For a short period of time he had a cream colored AE86 Levin hatchback with 14×8.5 RS Watanabes and black Goodline front bumper, kouki rear bumper, and a TRD wing. It looked very, very close to this AE86, but Yamashita’s car had slightly wider wheels. Unfortunately he crashed it during a JIC Suspension test day not too long after completing the car.

    My other favorite would have to be Yamashita’s famous “Yama Red” Running Free AE86 Trueno.

    And Youchi Imamura’s brown AE86 Trueno.

    And The BP Kraft AE86 Trueno GT300 car.

    And Kazuhiro Tanaka’s blue Rough World AE86 Trueno.

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  3. Kid Karola

    I concur! All those hachi’s would be in my top 10 list 😉 Also I think Yama’s cream Levin and red Truneo were both covered in Levin & Trueno Magazine #4

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  5. Haha thanks Antonio! You gotta send me some scans or something man, as I HAVE to see more of this Levin!
    Some of my other favourites are:

    The TRD N2 AE86 Levin.

    Ueo’s black AE86 Trueno.

    The red Running Free AE86’s.

    and recently I’ve fallen in love with pretty much all the Team Mouse 86’s!
    In fact I’m sure theres tons and tons more that I love but I just don’t know all the names or teams!

  6. pholife

    awesome! great taste! In terms of favorites, all ae86 are special but with its 25th anniversary coming next year it would be neat to find some stock usdm 1985 that are still around with decals intact!

    great site!

  7. pholife

    awesome! great taste! In terms of favorites, all ae86 are special but with its 25th anniversary coming next year it would be neat to find some stock usdm 1985 that are still around with decals intact!

    one thing…pls remove the tint and leave the jdm bronze alone!

    great site!

  8. I loved my Zenki Levin coupe with Vertex front bumper, stock side steps, and Toyota Soarer rear unders, dropped on deep XR-4’s on front and anything old school on the back. I LOVED HER, Shit I used to come out every morning and tell her how good she looked, haha i know it’s gay (wife said so). But rust got to her bad and she had to be diced up and thrown in the sea. Now I have a Trueno Kouki coupe, it’s alright, it’s not sexy like my Levin, but she’s growin on me. When an 86 is done right, to me there is no other car that looks sexier. I like coupes, I’ve owned 14 86’s altogether, two 3dr and the rest 2dr. The AE86 may lack power compared to most of the cars on the track nowadays, but it more than makes up for it with Heart. I am building my 7yo son Kaze a Levin coupe right now, it will be a spitting image of my old Levin, minus the rust, hehe.

  9. Sweet Levin dude! But Kaicho for life, best 86 ever hands down. His are the only cars i look at and it makes me feel sad for not owning anymore 86’s..

  10. Paz! I meant to say thanks for helping me figure out the aero parts. It makes me feel sad you’re out of the 86 game now. So gutted I never got to see your old Trueno, or those 3 ups at Teeside (It was Teeside wasn’t it?) back in the day!

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