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WEBMINING> Zen Drift Master Orido

I was on a hunt for footage of one of my favorite cars – the JZZ30 Toyota Soarer (aka the Lexus SC300/SC400) and lo and behold, what should I find but Manabu Orido drifting Honjo Circuit in Japan.

Although in this video, Orido’s driving his Project Mu/Autotech JZS161 Toyota Aristo (Lexus GS300) and not a Soarer, I thought it was worth it to post this gem just to show the interior action shots. Look at how little he has to do to control the car – his economy of motion and technique is amazing.

I know that we’re not supposed to be envious…but I just can’t help it! Who wishes, like I do, that they could plug into The Matrix (I’m talking about the movie, not the FF Toyota) and download Orido’s drifting skills like Neo, waking up suddenly, saying… “I know drifting.”

::Avon Bellamy

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  1. I love how he just one hand flicks the steering wheel around, downshifting mid drift. Those are not light cars either. Although, it would be kewl to download skills, I’d rather spend 2-3 years of tearing through tires and building a car with my own mind and learning the skill. :) I drive a civic, so even you Drift Mavens who’ve done what I just mentioned, I’m envious of you guys!

  2. Kid Karola

    Manabu MAX Orido is so smooth! He makes it look effortless 😉

    Does he constantly have a cold, or is that just how he talks?

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