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FORUM> Angelo’s AE86 Corolla with Texas Swag

We call it ‘webmining’ for a reason – we slave away tirelessly in the dark and the heat.  There’s lots of dirt everywhere and our little canary to let us know when oxygen gets low. However, every now and then we’ll come across a nice little gem like this.  While browsing through the MotorMavens Forum introduction section, a super clean AE86 Corolla from the great state of Texas stood out to me.  In his thread, the owner, Angelo, quickly introduced himself and his car, which, in his own words, he “loves dearly and abuse like a red headed step child.”  Frankly, that’s what I like to hear.  Trailer queens aren’t at all my thing. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with caring for your vehicle, if you respect her she’ll respect you.  But, I personally believe that if you’re going to build a vehicle, drive it like it’s meant to be driven.  Sure that means putting some extra work into keeping it clean, but that makes it all the more something you can really be proud of.  Angelo’s 86 fits that bill perfectly, it sits pretty and (from the videos he posted) he drives it like it should be driven: hard.

Truth be told, I’m a sucker for a nice rear end (read into that as you wish).  Angelo’s 86 is no exception, aggressive stance and the well done wide-body tick all the right marks.

Low offset SSR’s look fantastic on this car.  Mesh just looks so right.

I give my props to Angelo for doing such a good job on his Corolla while on his diet of Mac and Cheese.  Passion Principle, anyone?  Use Angelo as an example, you don’t need a huge budget to make something that you can enjoy.  Then you can show it off  in its finished state, or while it’s a work in progress, in the MotorMavens Forum.  You never know where it might end up! Click over to the MotorMavens Forums for more photos and information on Angelo’s AE86… POST UP photos of your own cars, people!

:: JonathanMcWhorter

VISIT THE MOTORMAVENS FORUMS for more photos and information on the car!

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  2. JMac

    I can’t take credit for the find, you can direct that towards Antonio. All I did was write some words haha So, you’re welcome for that!

  3. Thanks for posting this, JMac! You da man… and Angelo’s AE86 is dope! However… in response to your statement “Uyou don’t need a huge budget to make something that you can enjoy,” I completely agree with you on that statement… BUT… I just gotta say, I bet he spent quite a bit on that car! Building an AE86 isn’t very cheap these days! Trust me, I know from well over 10 years of experience building them! haha dammit.

  4. Mitch

    Bit of a hit or miss but can someone help me out on this…

    I want to train to be a mechanic and eventually specialise in high performance engine building. Ive tried alot of places around me but as im not a school leaver or have sufficent experience they dont seem to be willing to employ me, im only twenty ffs!! Im from the UK but am willing to move to any part of the world to get my foot in the door. You can pay me the bare minimum ( food & shelter )as long I come out at the end as a fully qualified mechanic. Theres nothing id rather do in my life that repair & build cars so if you can help me out I would be so thankful…

    driftfanatic1990@hotmail.com to contact me.

    Thanks again


  5. Hechtspeed

    “Budget” is one of those relativity things. Everyone’s idea of a budget is so different.
    Perfect looking 86, looks so right.

  6. Benito

    This car is so much fun! This is Angelo’s pride he built by hand in a single car garage with a budget for all the right things. Glad to see my friend getting some media blast haha!

    Oh and btw… He broke his homemade lip today on a road reflector since this is his daily driver….

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  8. How are you doing?, I am new at this forum, I don’t know if “http://www.motormavens.com/2011/01/forum-angelos-ae86-corolla-with-texas-swag/” is the relevant section to post this, I am Mark from Oregon.

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  10. fhmanull7

    Superbe matinée à tous,

    Pour commencer , offrez-moi la chance de vous montrer ma gratitude pour toutes les très pertinentes infos que j’ai découvertes sur cet excellent phorum .

    Je ne suis pas convaincue d’être au bon endroit mais je n’en ai pas trouvé de meilleur.

    J’habite à Whitney, canada . J’ai 31 ans et j’ai 2 très gentils enfants qui sont tous âgés entre 9 ou 11 années (1 est adoptée ). J’aime particulièrement beaucoup les animaux domestiques et je fais de mon mieux de leur offrir les articles qui leur rendent l’existance plus splendide.

    Je vous remercie dors et déjà pour toutes les palpitantes débats dans le futur et je vous remercie de votre compassion pour mon français moins que parfait: ma langue de naissance est le vietnamien et je fais de mon mieux d’éviter les erreurs mais c’est très compliqué !



  11. AlexSmith

    I was just curious as to how I go about changing my password on here? Couldn’t find it when I did a quick scan, thanks.

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  13. ManilaGorilla

    Thanks for all the love guys. I really appreciate it. It’s been years since I built this car and miss it everyday. But building another AE86 and this one is just as good. Keeping with the Goodline aeros as I love the lines on those kits. I’ll send info to Antonio when finished. -Angelo

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